Megan & Liz Debut 'Old School Love' (VIDEO)

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Celebuzz loves Megan & Liz! The twin singing sensations rose to fame via YouTube (thanks Internet!) and captured our hearts with their talent and fun-loving personalities. We've watched them grow from doing cover songs in their rooms to making full-on professional videos with a team of talented music biz professionals! 

The girls have a brand-new video for their song "Old School Love" and we've got a first look right here!

"We loved writing 'Old School Love' with the talented Jimmy Robbins and Alexz Johnson and shooting it with director Brooke P. Hanson," the girls tell Celebuzz. "You wouldn't believe it, but she built that set in her house! It was so much fun to make this kind of dance video and really enjoyed working with all of the dancers and choreographer. They were so patient with us!"

As for the meaning behind the lyrics, they say, "The song is about how it's so easy to communicate and flirt through text messages and email and the Internet, but let's face it: nothing can compare to holding hands, and doing things together, in person. People our age sometimes forget that, and we wanted to write something that reminded people that even though we love social media and YouTube (and wouldn't be where we are without it!) it's really important to close your computer, put away your mobile phone and enjoy falling in love the 'Old School' way."

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  • Judy Lan
    Judy Lan

    what's up with the new school rush? guess i'm living in the past, i still like it like that. <3 <#

  • Melanie Krištofelc
    Melanie Krištofelc

    For real though....what happened to that old school love? I love you two. <3 You never dissapoint me.

  • teki

    Twinmazig, as always.... =D I love Macers! ♥♥♥