Demi Moore: ‘Extreme’ Weight Loss? Expert Answers! (PHOTOS)

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New pics of Demi Moore have many speculating about her recent weight loss. It appears the already thin-framed actress has shrunk in size since announcing her split with Ashton Kutcher. Could the stress be taking a toll on her body?

Attending the Cinema For Peace event at the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills, California, with her daughter Rumer Willis, her legs and arms looked especially small in comparison. Rumer herself is a very fit and trim young lady, while mom Demi looks considerably thinner next to her.

Celebuzz turned to celeb trainer Valerie Orsoni of to get her expert opinion!

“First and foremost, Demi is definitely a victim of the camera angle here, which isn’t doing her justice as far as weight accuracy is concerned,” Valerie explains of the shots. Had this photograph been cut at her waist, while she would still appear very skinny, media feedback suggesting gauntness would be unlikely.”

“Obviously, Demi is dealing with high levels of stress surrounding her divorce which naturally impact the body,” Valerie adds. “It is possible that she has been overexercising to release stress, and simultaneously eating less (likely unintentionally) which has culminated in her apparent weight loss. Indeed, small amounts of stress often trigger overeating (think losing yourself in a tub of ice-cream), whereas extremely high levels of stress often cause loss of appetite and simply forgetting to eat. That said, for a woman going through a relationship challenge of this nature, she does not look dangerously depressed or faint; on the contrary, she looks pretty darn hot. Look at her waist, hips, and in particular her skin: glowing, not sallow.”

As far as Demi’s weight, “I would estimate Demi’s weight to be under 110lb, lacking some fat, but well toned,” Valerie says. “I don’t think she needs to quit exercising or start consuming large amounts of food; what I would advise is to simply add richer healthy foods to her daily diet, such as avocado, shrimp, and raw foods containing healthy fatty acids. Four solid, nutritious meals would serve better than little nibbles throughout the day.” 

Overall, Valerie says she believes that Demi is experiencing a normal weight flux — but most importantly, that she seems happy. “For a woman of 48 years old going through this intense a crisis, these photos tell me less about a new celebrity weight issue, and more about Demi pulling herself together for a genuine smile,” she says. 

One reason for that smile? There have been recent rumors that Demi’s found herself a new, younger man, but their relationship has yet to be confirmed. Some sources say he’s simply her trainer, while other suggest the two are more a romantic item.