Russell Brand Doing ‘Quite Well, Thank You’ Following Separation From Katy Perry

Katy & Russell's PDA
A look back at the couple's happier times.
Russell Brand is promoting his new show Strangley Uplifting on FX, and of course couldn’t get away without talking a bit about the recent events in his personal life. The funnyman announced right before the new year that he had filed for divorce from wife Katy Perry.

While speaking to some TV writers in Pasadena, Calif. over the weekend (via, Russell, 36, was asked about how he was doing, of which he replied,

“Quite well, thank you. Are you asking because of recent events? You are making the mistake of seeing time as linear. The brilliant American author Kurt Vonnegut, he’ll tell you that if you imagine reality as experienced simultaneously, events become redundant.”

When pressed to answer if he was happy, the Get Him to the Greek star answered simply, “Yes, I am.”

Russell’s new TV show will have him covering current events while interacting with a studio audience. The actor, who comes from stand up comedy, will not hit the small screen until April but described Strangely Uplifting (via Entertainment Weekly), saying,

“You know how Louie is to the convention of sitcom, I would like this to be sort of news and topical comedy, very deconstructive, brilliantly put together by Troy… stripped of all nonsense, stripped of all subterfuge, no ‘Hello, coming up after the break,’ none of that rhubarb, just truth and beauty and humor.’”

Given the recent events and this description of the show, will you be watching? Sound off in the comments!