Bob Harper Reveals ‘Biggest’ Cast Secrets, Weight Myths & How to Keep Your Fitness Resolutions!

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Bob Harper doesn’t play around when it comes to health and fitness. The Biggest Loser trainer has some tough love for those contestants who accept the extreme fitness challenge the popular series presents. No matter what, everyone goes home lighter then they arrive — making everyone a winner. 

When it comes to staying fit at home, Bob shares three tips for success and reveals the secrets behind his new diet product line. Celebuzz also talked to the fitness hottie about this year’s cast and also asked” What’s the biggest weight loss myth? See his answer here!

What are 3 ways people can stay motivated in 2012?

1. Pick one new healthy habit a week and build from there. It is always better to start off with smaller more attainable goals. Remember the story of the tortoise and the hare? Who won that race? The tortoise because he was slow and steady.

2. Get a couple of people at work that share similar goals to help keep you motivated. There is power in numbers so bond together and help each other stay on track.

3. Keep your kitchen free from temptations. If you don’t have it in the house, you won’t be able to eat it. Especially at night when so many people’s resolve seems to be lower.

There are so many fad diets, etc. What supplements do you recommend for healthy weight loss?

I came out with Bob Harper Smart Success because I believe in this product. I have always said that you have to incorporate eating right and exercising to maintain a healthy lifestyle and now you have my Smart Success product to give you that extra boost.

Competition is a key factor on The Biggest Loser, how can this sense of competition be utilized in the real world for the rest of us?

A lot of people are very motivated by that “dangling carrot” known as competition and it can be a very useful tool when it comes to weight loss. I have heard countless stories of businesses that have their own Biggest Loser Club and so many people have lost weight as a result. So I always say, whatever works for you, I’m all for it!!

Who do you think faces the most challenges this season?

Wow!! That is a really tough question because all of our contestants have their own personal struggles. We have a mother in her 50’s that has never worked out before. We have a couple of ex athletes that have their own very powerful issues. We have a 19 year old boy that is searching to find his way into manhood. I think that we can all learn something from each of our contestants.

If there is one change people can make right now to kick-start their journey, what would you recommend?

The first thing that I would say for people that are trying to lose weight is to STOP drinking their calories. You can eliminate so many unnecessary calories every day by following this one simple rule.

In your opinion, what is the biggest weight loss myth?

I think the biggest weight loss myth out there is that there is some sort of end game when it comes to losing weight. So many people think that after they have met their goal they can begin to slack off or slowly fall back into their old ways. When you decide to embark on your weight loss journey you have to be “all in”. Divorce yourself from your old behaviors that put the weight on in the first place and really change your life.

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