Celebrity Mail Bag: Billy Ray Cyrus Admits He Never Did the ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ Dance (VIDEO)

With more serious topics on hand like the upcoming elections, Billy Ray Cyrus was still game to talk about “Achy Breaky Heart”– admitting he never actually learned the famous boot-stomping dance that went with the tune! 

“I’ve never done the Achy Breaky dance,” he says. “I did invent one of the moves,” but “invent is probably a very loose term,” he jokes. “I have a little signature in there, but to this day, I couldn’t stand up and do the dance.”

The megahit is still his best-known song (although he’s had several successful albums since). Natch, a younger generation knows him for another reason — as the star of Hannah Montana with his daughter Miley Cyrus!

Billy Ray also tells a very touching story about being on set with his daughter when his dad passed. 

“My dad had these mini-mottos, this one in particular stood out at the time — he always said ‘the show must go on,'” so they sang a song in his honor. 

When asked about his song “We The People,” he reveals that its all about the power of the voters — watch the video to see why he calls it the most important election in our history!