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Just a few weeks ago, Aaron Carter told us a dirty little secret about Nick Carter -- literally. Well, now big brother Nick is going to have a chance to fire back as he'll be answering questions from Celebuzz fans for our Celebrity Mailbag.

Nick, fresh off of his wildly successful Backstreet Boy reunion tour with New Kids on the Block, is ready and willing to take questions of all types and answer them in video form. With his nationwide solo tour underway, Nick's got plenty to talk about -- and we're counting on you to ask!

So, submit your questions in the comments below, and we'll send them along to Nick for him to answer! Then be sure to "Like" Celebuzz on Facebook to find out when the video gets posted.

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  • joanna wilson
    joanna wilson

    hey nick how are you

  • Er sucht ihn
    Er sucht ihn

    I do accept as true with all the concepts you have presented for your post. They're very convincing and can certainly work. Still, the posts are too short for beginners. May you please extend them a bit from next time? Thank you for the post.

  • JO

    wud you like to hav a lill sis? for example....like myself, whose 13 now? coz u r my dream bro.....though i sound crazy....... love ya

  • Amber damic
    Amber damic

    Hi NICK my name is Amber Damic my question is when are the Backstreet Boys comeing to van Andel Arena in Grand Rapids, MI or to DTE energy music theatre in Clarkston, MI? I hopeing to get the platinum VIP and give you a great BIG KISS ON THE LIPS when I Meet you. I just LOVE you so much. Please e mail at amberdamic@aol.com

  • Tori

    Hey nick, my question is. Would you ever date a fan?


    Nick are you playing DogTree on April 14, 2012 that is my birthday and please sing to me and my twin sister Leah some birthday i have a select from you. I going to Dog Tree concert you be there.

  • Laura

    Does aaron have any dirty laundry habits

  • RTD393

    Hi Nick Just wondered, as you are into painting, who is your favourite visual artist/style of work? And what do you enjoy most about painting? Thanks!

  • BSBPunkyBrewster

    what are your pet peeves?

  • AliCat

    Hey Nick, I know you love the song I'm Taking Off from your album. I am curious are you going to release it as a single? It would be interesting to see what treatment you do for the video. Love ya

  • AliCat

    Hey Nick my name is Alison but I go by Ali... You said that you are getting a tutor to enhance your education is there a certain field that you are going to study? I want to go back to College in April to study to be a Nail Technician if they don't cancel the course again. Love you and the rest of the guys!!

  • AliCat

    Hey Nick, I have a two part question for you. First I love all of your tatttoos they look great on you. Other than the shark and KAOS do they hold any special meaning to you? #2 Are you planning on getting anymore tattoos? Thanks for answering and see you on tour.

  • maritza

    hi nick you feel good to see so many woman who admires you and loves you come quickly to chile .II always be in my heart for forever do not forget latin america .and adore you.kisses..chile

  • Kate Butchkovsky
    Kate Butchkovsky


  • Christine

    Hi Nick I've been a huge BSB/Nick fan since the summer of 1997. I admire you and the guys so much. You've all been such positive influences Through the ups and downs in my life. I thought I'd have a million questions to ask you.So I'll just ask you this one question. I know life can be hard and lonely sometimes. What advise would you give your fans who struggle through life and feel like social out cast at times and lonely sometimes ? Hugs and Kisses Devoted fan Christine from Toronto. I've sent this same question on your facebook page but left it here to increase my chances of having my question answered. Please follow me on my facebook page as well.

  • Kim

    Hi Nick!! two questions: 1) Whats the weirdest gift ever given to you by a fan? 2) The cruise..... did you get in trouble for any of the naughty things you did on pajama night?! lol thanks for so many laughs, I've never had so much fun in my life as I did on that boat! love you!! xoxo

  • Mrs Carter
    Mrs Carter

    Question: Is it true you are coming to Brazil with your tour in June?? We'd love to have you here. Congrats on the gr8 work.

  • Daisy

    What I feel for you, summed up in three words ... Love, love, love and nothing else

  • Rossella

    Hey Nick, I'm italian and I love you with all my heart! I wanna tell you one important thing : we've been waiting for you for two looooong years and we just can't wait to have you in our beautiful country. Are you going to come here one day or not? Please, answer me. ITALY LOVES YOU AND I NEED TO SEE YOU AGAIN. Love you from ITALY! :)

  • IBA

    Hi Nick, I am a very big fan of yours. My question is that which song describes you the best?

  • Taiba

    Hi Nick, I am a very big fan of yours.My question is that why don't you sing any of your songs from your album NOW OR NEVER in your recent concerts?

  • Hattie

    Would You Ever Go on Fear Factor?

  • Hattie

    If you could star in any movie, which movie would it be and why?

  • Dita Eriana
    Dita Eriana

    z Hi Nick, im Dita from Indonesia, my question is when youre not a singer, and you cant sing, u can only play instrument which band would u wanna join and what instrument will u play? Thanks-see u in jakarta!! :)

  • Dita Eriana
    Dita Eriana

    when you're not in the entertainment business, what do u wanna be?

  • Angela

    P.S Follow me on twitter @nickobsessed26 I already follow you!

  • martine

    Hi dear nick, First of all thanks for al the good music and the work you all do. Keep up the good job! Stay down to earth guys, love that about you. second thing, I loveeeee your latest album even the remix version. gud luck :D my simple question would be; When are we going to see you here-in malta??? plsssssssss ;P

  • Mary

    Everyone has a little "quirk" or two about themselves. For example, I gotta have the dollar bills in my wallet in order (singles, 5s, 10s, 20s...you get it) or it drives me nuts. Can you share a little quirk about yourself? BTW, Congrats on living a healthy life. Much love to you.

  • Sylvia

    Hey Nick!! What's the most crazy thing you have done in your life and will you come with your concert to UK please, love u and bsb, mwahh @sylvista7

  • Heather H
    Heather H

    New Kids on the Block fans are nicknamed Blockheads, what does Backstreet call their fans? And what do you call your fans that come to your solo shows?

  • Jayla

    Hey Nick, Are you coming back to Lafayette, Louisiana anytime soon? I'd really like to have dinner with you, and has some one-on-one time with you. We could also go downtown and dance the night away and relax after the concert, depending on the tour of course? Five minutes just wasn't enough time with you. Thank you for meeting me and hanging out with me. Even though our time was short, I'll never forget it. Love, Jayla, We met on June, 24, 2011

  • Cheryl

    Are you interested in Philosophy? Who are some of your favorite Philosophers? Do you often consider yourself a young Nietzsche? Do animals believe in GOD? Do you want what you want before you know that you want it? Thanks so much Mr. NGC & a pleasant day to you, your pups and the little lady:)

  • Stephanie

    Hi Nick! my question is: Can we have any opportunity to have your solo tour in Southamerica? Love you Nick! Happy early birthday! Hope you'll have a wonderful day...kisses from Perú

  • Neta

    DId it happen to you that one of your huge fans became your close friend?? What you hate/love the most in relationships?? What you think about doing a acoustic album with all the hits you did, just like justin bieber?!?

  • shivangi

    hey nick !!! my question to you is " whose photo do you carry in your wallet ? " Thanks :)

  • BSBPunkyBrewster

    You love the 80s! What are your top 3 favorite 80s song and why?

  • Gloria

    2 questions: will you ever come to AUSTRIA again ?(please!!..) what's your dream girl-friend like? (i am single and my dream boy-friend would be someone just exactly like YOU!!!!) ;)

  • El-Batool

    A Happy Birthday in Advance Nicholas Gene :) .. Was wondering if you're taking good care of yrself!! :D Hope u'll answer my question:- Have you ever thought of marriage? Are you in love?? Are you happy- am talking about yr personal life, if you'd like to share it!! Otherwise, my general ques are:- If God gave you another chance to live in this world, what would you do? And finally, if I give u a chance to ask me any 1 and only question, what would it be??!! Note that am not obessesed with u being yr fan, i am since i was a seven years old till now 23 soon in 4 months to turn 24.. I just don't give my face to MEN easily no matter what or who they are... :)

  • Elena

    Hi Nick! I'm your fan since 1990! and I love you so much! =) are you and the backstreet Boys coming here in Italy for the tour? please! we( italian fans) miss you so much! hope to see ya soon! you're always THE best ever! love ya!

  • Subha Chugh
    Subha Chugh

    after people posting so many questions i don't know if you would get mine but i just want to ask when will you along with Aj MaClean Howdie Dough Brian Littrell to india??

  • Varshika

    Which is your favorite country??? Who is your favorite footballer? Who is your favorite singer? Are you happy with Lauren Kitt? Why did you choose Lauren Kitt as your girlfriend? LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3

  • Varshika

    Which is your favorite country??? Who is your favorite footballer? Who is your favorite singer? Are you happy with Lauren Kitt? Why did you choose Lauren Kitt as your girlfriend?

  • Bexi Jay
    Bexi Jay

    How does Lauren cope with being a girlfriend of one of the BSB:)))does she get jealous at all?

  • Bexi Jay
    Bexi Jay

    I am from UK,but originally from Kyrgyzstan,which is next to Kazakhstan:)))U have no idea how many fans you have over there!Been a fan since 1996!

  • Bexi Jay
    Bexi Jay

    Hello, My biggest dream is for you to sing one of my songs!http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LbtcRgQWQt8&feature=related

  • Miriam

    I've so many question so I've 2 decide 1... uhm if u could change 1 moment of ur life, which one would it be? Tnx so much

  • adorenickcarter

    hi nick my sweet heart!!! how did the backstreet boys help you to erase your painful memories? love you nick from the bottom of my heart

  • adorenickcarter

    hi nick my sweet heart!!! how did the backstreet boys help you to erase your painful memories of the fighting between y

  • Ella

    is there any chance of you or you and the guys coming in Bucharest, Romania?

  • Alina G.
    Alina G.

    Hey Nick. I start by saying that i love everything about you and what you do and, most of all, how you deal with your problems , you have a beautiful thinking and a great personality. I am 27 years old, i am from Romania and i am a biiiig fan since 1996, and one of my biggest ( top of the top) dreams is to hear you sing (not to mention meet you ) but i supose you are not comming to Romania any soon. I only want to ask you what is the saddest thing that happened to you, what do you hate most and if you consider yourself really happy. Thank you and i wish you all the healthyness and happiynes in the world. (excuse my grammar). Bye


    Is there a book that really inspired you for great things?

  • Kathy

    So, Nick, did you ever read the book I gave you in DC--Slaughterhouse Five? Time travel, aliens and pornstars--I think you'd like it!!!

  • Denise

    Tell me a pet peeve of yours.

  • Denise

    Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

  • Denise

    How do you prevent yourself from over-eating?

  • Denise

    Will there be any after parties during the tour?

  • Erica(tennessee)

    So I'm going to be attending the Nashville Show. And I was wondering if you were going to be perfoming "Addicted". I heard you werent perfoming that song. I hope that the rumors false. I absoultly love that song and def think you should perform it!! :)

  • Keviana M.
    Keviana M.

    Hey Nick. My name is Keviana Mathis. I been a huge fan since you all came out and I am still a fan. I wanted to know "What made you decide to become a singer? and What did you do to make your dreams come true?"

  • Brindy

    Hey! My question is: What album are you currently listening to? Or, what album can't you stop listening to?

  • Melissa

    Hey Nick my question is, would you ever consider releasing an accoustic version of I'm Taking Off (the album) or an accoustic album in general? I've heard you perform accoustically and you have an amazing voice. Lots of luck with your American ITO tour. Look forward to seeing you in Nashville. Thanks!!! :)

  • Nancy Dahle
    Nancy Dahle

    I am 44 yrs old and have been a huge fan forever! I am in Melbourne, Florida near Orlando. When will you be doing an appearance near here? Also I saw you on Dr Phil and thought you were awesome!!!!!

  • nina

    hi nick...im a fan from phils... just want to know, when will be your next tour in our country? or maybe concert? i'd really wish to see you in person...lova yah!!! ...im a fan since 1997

  • flor

    Flor: What's your biggest fear? (if you have one) What was your worst moment on a tour and in life?

  • Danniela

    my question is: nick as you look in 20 years? in your professional life and personality I hope your answer! Greetings from Chile! xoxo i love you fool !!

  • Danniela

    my question: how do you see yourself in 20 years? in your personal and professional life. hopefully answer! I hope to see you in Chile! i love you silly !

  • cheyzelle

    hi there Nick!..it's cheyzelle here...i've been a huge fan of yours ever since the BSB has started making awesome music...i also have this big big crush on you since then...i wish i could get a chance seeing you personally..<3 <3 <3 i just wanna ask if you ever have a plan marrying Lauren Kitt? and when?...and by the way do ya think YOU or BSB would've had a chance coming back here in the Philippines and perform for your Filipino fans?... thanks for answering my questions...love you lots!

  • Sofija from Macedonia
    Sofija from Macedonia

    Hi Nick..My name is Sofija.I am from Macedonia.I am one of the biggesr funs of you.My question is:will you ever come to Macedonia?:)))i hope my dream one day will come true :))Macedonia loves u and i love u....thank you so much and have a beautiful birthday..love u :**

  • lolipop96

    hi :D ... i'm one of your youngest fans i'm 16!! and i love u guys alot .. i wanted to ask u : dont you feel like ur childhood was kinda' stolen sense you started in a young age and you still act like a 4 year old kid :P ???!! thanks anyways!

  • Renee A.
    Renee A.

    Hey Nick..it is inevitable that someone will ask you, so what is the most embarrassing thing Aaron has ever done? Come on...we KNOW you can top him ;)

  • HollylovesNick

    Nick, 1. how did you and lauren meet? 2. if you were in one of your fans shoes, what would you be doing to get your own attention? hahaha. please answer!

  • Darine

    Hi Nick! my name is Darine from Lebanon. is there any chance to bring a special event to Lebanon...like a concert for example? what do you think of Lebanese females / fans? is it possible to hear something a lil bit oriental mixed song with another oriental artist?..sorry I'm not a big fan like others, but I like to listen to your songs only when I'm blue, and it helped me alot, so thank you so much :) PS: Have a HAppy Happy Birthday! enjoy it to the max! ;)

  • Vanessa Dasilva
    Vanessa Dasilva

    Which band would you ever consider going on tour with like you did with new kids on the block?

  • Líly

    R u thinking about to come back to brazil soon? if so... plz tell us... Ah and invite kevin to come with you, too...

  • Ralph

    Whats up Nick....my question is how is the new single "Burning Up" being received? Have you heard yourself on the radio lately?

  • Miss Krystal
    Miss Krystal

    hi nick, remember when you were fat a few years ago? how did you lose all the weight? what did you like and didn't like about being fat? i thought you were very sexy then. also, do you think justin timberlake is a loser? i think his songs and movies suck. i loved your movie The Hollow too. U are so much more talented! BSB + Nick 4 eva!!

  • Erika

    If you could change one thing about yourself or your past what would it be and why?

  • Nicole R.
    Nicole R.

    Are you superstitious? Is there something that you have to do before you go on stage?

  • jessika

    hii nick my names is jessika I´m from brazil I love your songs you´re beautiful I love you!!!

  • Dania

    Will you ever perform in Indianapolis?? if so, is there a certain date for it? my other queestion is, will the backstreet boys record another album?? Love yaxxx

  • Ani Petithory
    Ani Petithory

    Hi My Question is How do you find time to balance singing then balance dance? witch do you like more?

  • Megan


  • Megan

    Hi, Nick!! Do you still like the color green? If not, what color do you like now? Luv ya lots!! You and the other b-boys have truly changed my life!! btw, can't wait to see ya in Baltimore this February!! <3

  • Emily

    Hey Nick, If you weren't a Backstreet Boy, what do you think you're current profession would be? Xoxo, Emily P.s. Happy birthday and I can't wait to see you on your tour in Philly(;

  • Amy Morris
    Amy Morris

    Hey Nick, My question is Have you thought about getting into acting?

  • Jessica Fowler
    Jessica Fowler

    What is the most memorable concert you have had since you guys have been performing? Fan since 1996! :))

  • Robyn

    Hey Nick!!! I live in AZ and am very sad that you do not have any tour dates here on the west coast! will you be releasing more dates for the west coast? I would drive to Cali for a show!!!!

  • Dianne

    Hi, Nick! I love you! How are you doggie babies doing, Silas, Igby and Nacho?

  • Amanda Bourland
    Amanda Bourland

    Would you ever consider doing a concert for our military men and women? Love from TEXAS

  • Yaniza

    Hey, it's Yaniza from Bulgaria! (: I've always wondered if your parents being divorced is your only reason why you don't believe in marriage at all? Have you ever forgived your brother Aaron for going out with Paris Hilton? Do you see yourself as a father one day? Why don't you guys shoot more videos than just 2 for an album? Same goes to releasing singles. Are you still recording with Jive Records? When to expect the new BSB album? I'm too excited for it! <3 Is Howie your best BSB friend? If not, then who? Are those European dates from the NKOTBSB tour the final set? Won't you add more? Like Italy and some Eastern countries for example? What do you love about the fans the most? Do you see Backstreet Boys as a group which will last at least another 20 years? Which popular music artist would you love to record with? Most favourite and least favourite song ever (including BSB's music)? Sorry for all those questions, but please answer some of them. It would be sooo great that I'll be jumping around like a crazy monkey :D Happy birthday, I wish to you all the love, success and happiness in the world :)) I love you <3 Yannie

  • Lydia David
    Lydia David

    Hey Nick, My name is Lydia. I'm from Detroit, Mi. My question to you is, Would you ever write and record a song with a fan? I have a few ideas for a couple of songs. I hope you get a chance to read and answer my question. I would appreciate it alot. Keep being you don't ever change.

  • Melissa

    Will you be partying with us in Baltimore after the concert? :)

  • Nick

    What are your views on SOPA? Do you support or oppose it?

  • Katerina

    I like unshaven men ;)

  • kriek

    Please tell me with which other Backstreet boys you discuss the most? bye bye

  • kriek

    If you could choose to have a certain age for the rest of your life, what would that be? Thank you, greetings Marieke

  • Brandi Smela
    Brandi Smela

    I am going to see you at the Baltimore show and i was wondering if you were going to do the bonus track for the USA at your shows

  • Marieke

    What song of the taking off album is the most difficult to do and why? lots of love from Holland and thank you for answering

  • Marieke

    What songs are in your Ipod right now?? Greetings Marieke from Holland

  • dinky

    hey nicky its dinky my question for you is would you ever be attracted to a women who is a little on the fluffy side and do you believe you can love two people at the same time thank you nicky you dont have to answer ill understand if you dont love you and the guys very much.

  • kriek

    question from Kriek from Holland, When you are feeling sick, who of what things makes you feel better?

  • Katerina

    What's the biggest disappointment in your life? (from Ukraine :=))

  • kriek

    question from Kriek from Holland: If you would not be a backstreet boy, what kind of occupation would you like to do? Thank you for answering

  • Michelle

    Michelle Hi Nick, When are NKOTBSB coming to Canada on Tour? I love you so much, been a fan for 18 awesome years! Saw you in June 2011 in Toronto, and finally got my kiss from you! Thank you so much for making my dreams come true! See you soon, Love Michelle

  • Anne

    Any now it's your turn: what's something really embarassing about Aaron that hasn't been public so far?

  • Anu Missar
    Anu Missar

    Hi Nick! what is your most memorable performance to date? (either w/ BSB or solo). Please follow @AnuMissar Love from Toronto!<3

  • Kendra

    Hey Nick! Do you like Country music? Do you like Taylor Swift? If you do, what songs do you like?

  • Brittany

    You have a laundry list of accomplishments as part of a group, as a solo artist, and as an individual. Of all of your triumphs thus far, which one has the most meaning to you and why? (See you in Philly!) =)

  • Emma

    ok nick im getting worried because i would really like for you to come to hendersonville nc . some of us cant travel all over the world . I've like been listening to your music ever since i was young its time in person anyway just keep our little town in mind were not getting any younger lol thanks

  • Michelle

    Hi Nick, When are NKOTBSB coming to Canada on Tour? I love you so much, been a fan for 18 awesome years! Saw you in June 2011 in Toronto, and finally got my kiss from you! Thank you so much for making my dreams come true! See you soon, Love Michelle

  • Rachel Ramos
    Rachel Ramos

    Hey Nick three questions. #1. Have you ever thought about having a contest for fans to win a date with you? and #2. When are you guys going to have a Backstreet Boys cruise again? I would love to go. #3. When are you guys comming to Phoenix for a Concert again? Much love from you biggest fan for over 17 years!!!

  • Karina

    Are you going to be adding more dates to your I'm Taking Off Tour... possibly back home in Tampa??? =D kisses from FL :-*

  • Sarah

    Hey Nick, I am one of your biggest fans and my question is for you do you pick your own clothes to wear on tours? and what does the inside of your tour bus look like? How much is the next backstreet boys cruise and where does it go to? my name is Sarah and i live in canada.

  • Jackie

    Hi Nick!! when you come to visit El Salvador,Central America??? because you believe it or not you have fans here ((:

  • Noora

    If you could switch places with someone of the opposite sex for one day, who would it be and why?

  • Faizan Ahmad
    Faizan Ahmad

    which contemprory artist you would like to collaborate?

  • Larissa Araujo
    Larissa Araujo

    Hi, Nick, I'm Larissa from Brazil. I have some questions for ya, I hope you can answer them. I wanna know how you see that you've developed yourself musically along the years you've been with the Backstreet Boys and how this development has been used in your solo career and the things you've been working with nowadays. When will you come to Brazil again? Will you come with your solo tour or with the NKOTBSB tour? How is the new BSB album record going? I'm very curious about that. I wish you love and happiness :)

  • summer calhoun
    summer calhoun

    Hi Nick my name is summer and i have been a fan of yours since 93 and your music as a solo artist and a member of bsb has helped me through some family problems. My question for you is what was the reason for you getting your chest tattoos removed because i have noticed recently that they are gone

  • Erita

    Hello Nick,wanna ask u something.....what do u think about dark green eyes? :):)

  • summer calhoun
    summer calhoun

    i find your question offensive

  • Naima

    Question: What were your dreams as a child other than singing? Thanks for answering my question!

  • Serena

    Hey Nick, my name is Serena and I have been a fan for years and first I want to thank you ( and hopefully you can pass my thanks along to the rest of the group too, please?) Bsb's music has helped me to get through some of the worst times in my life, so thank you, from the bottom of my heart. I also wanted to ask, I know you have been in Toronto Ontario, cause I went to see bsb there August 14th 2010, but do you think you or bsb will ever come to Barrie, Ontario?

  • Naima

    Question: Nick, what do you like to do on your days off work? Thanks for answering my question. Lots of love from London!

  • Lizzie

    Hey Nick been a fan for years got to meet you in Columbus, Ohio NKOTBSB tour. :) I was wondering do you ever plan on having children in the future?

  • Ida

    What would you do if a striped elephant came into your house and started to sing "If You Want It To Be Good Girl (Get Yourself A Bad Boy)"? I've always wondered about that for some reason xD

  • Sandra

    What can we expect from a new BSB album (if there will be one in 2012)....are you guys reinventing yourselves?

  • Inga

    Question: Nick, why you always are unshaven? In song "Just one kiss" you sing about the one kiss, probably about last kiss, but in musical video of this song you are unshaven again, in fact any normal woman will not kiss the unshaven man. What you will tell about it?

  • Miriam

    Question: Nick, now that you experienced producing/recording/writing your second solo album does it change anything for the new Backstreet Boys album? Perhaps another sound, another approach? Thanks for answering my question! Love from Holland!

  • Catherine

    Hi Nick, My question is : Are you planning to do a ITO tour in Europe?

  • Camilla

    Hey Nick! I got a question : When are you come to Poland again ? We are missing you !!!

  • nyck

    183 cm

  • Cyila

    so nick, give me your own definition of love? :) xoxo, cyila from malaysia <3

  • Amber

    1st off can I get a shout out :) and my question is if a fan asked you out on a date would go out with them?

  • Hagar

    you can follow me on Twitter bsb_girl_israel

  • Shauna

    Hey Nick Shauna here ! JW what are u most scared about! i think everyone is scared of something! is it more than one thing! Please Explain! and do u believe in 2012 and what are Ur thoughts about it! Ty !

  • postergirl_bsb

    heyy nick!! :D i reallyyy hope you're seeing this... sorry for all the questions but i gotta ask you a coupla stuff... PLEASE answer them!! :)) cause i have very less hope of ever asking these to you in person... :(( 1) if falling down is your favorite song from the album, how come you didnt make a music video for it? 2) if you were given a chance to live one year of your life over again, which year would it be? 3) how important are the lyrics of a song for you? 4) who do you love spending your time with the most? 5) your happiest memory? 6) a song you listen to when you need to feel better? 7) your favorite place to be? 8) your most prized possession? 9) what is your favorite genre of music? 10) what do you want for your birthday? and i think every fan wants you to talk about the new BSB album... when will it be released? what's the album title? and is Kev recording with you guys? .... if you could even answer one of these.. it would make my day... i reallyy reallyy hope you could see this... LOVE YOU!! and early Happy Birthday!! :D have a blast!! :))

  • Nicole R.
    Nicole R.

    If you were a superhero, what would your name be and your special power?

  • Nicole R.
    Nicole R.

    Do you have any fears that you are embarrassed about?

  • Naomi Wixon
    Naomi Wixon

    are you gonna be making another solo album

  • Looloot

    Will you bring ITO tour back to Europe ? You should !!!! Just to add : Lauren and you are perfect match ! True love always wins ! Wish you both the best : love, health, work out .. and babies !!!!

  • jenny

    hey nick i want to ask you this would you ever what to do a show in niagara falls new york?

  • jenny

    nick you should do one of your show in niagara falls new york :)

  • kaos

    I think we all want to know how tall are you?

  • Haydee

    Why do you think of the famous marriages do not last? What do you think of marriage and divorce? Believe in love forever? thanks

  • manpebel

    HI NICK!! My question is very simple!! when you come to Spain in concert?Spanish women always wanted to and respect!! I LOVE YOU !! @Bella_NCarter.

  • Sheyla Roque
    Sheyla Roque

    the song that you feel Bsb identified? that thing you like about peru? hugs :D

  • Semi Solares
    Semi Solares

    How do you feel about yourself? and if you've ever thought about marriage? Greetings from Mexico ((:

  • Mayra

    Which backstreet boys song you feel identified with?? Kisses from Peru :)

  • Natália Souza
    Natália Souza

    You think about to come with your tour to Brazil?

  • natasha

    hey nick i just went to say happy birthday to you and i hope you have a good one this year

  • nyck

    Would you like to know the hungarian hospitality (breakfast to the bed)?!

  • Bren

    first of all hi! :) you are truly amazing, love ya! but i just wanted to know...is there going to be a us BSB tour this summer? it would MAKE my year! please give me a hint! ;) hehe xooxooxo <3

  • Nick

    Would you ever consider joining a ghost-hunting team just for fun?

  • Shannon

    Hey Nick! It’s SwayShay here, I just wanted to know as you said on Dr. Phil you were thinking to write a book,how is that coming along? Can us fans expect a book to pre order? I can’t wait for my copy! :)

  • Shannon

    Hey Nick! It's SwayShay here, I just wanted to know as you said on Dr. Phil you were thinking to write a book,how is that coming along? Can us fans expect a book to pre order? I can't wait for my copy! :)

  • Angela

    who are some of your biggest musical influences? Luv ya I'm a huge fan of you and the other Backstreet Boys!

  • Sabrinia

    How did you and your girlfriend, Lauren, meet?

  • Daniela G.
    Daniela G.

    Nick, How do you choose the songs you play in a concert, at some point the fans can choose the songs that we want to hear? Of course, of your solo career. Thank you!

  • ilzux142

    What do you like to have for breakfast?

  • Chris

    Chris L. Who the %&* are you?

  • Jocelyn B.
    Jocelyn B.

    What was the last song you sang in the shower?

  • ambermiller86

    Who is your favorite artist that you have gotten to perform with?

  • ambermiller86

    what is your favorite memory you have with the other members of the backstreet boys?

  • BSBPunkyBrewster

    Do you talk in your sleep? Or sleepwalk? lol What do you dream about? Any dreams you've had from your sleep that you'd like to share with us? Weird or memorable :-)

  • Melissa White
    Melissa White

    Is there a charity you are passionate about and do you put a lot of time into it? My husband has ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease) Since it is the "forgotten" disease (no cause, no cure), I am determined to spread awareness.

  • BSBfan1

    What do you think of Willa Ford's new band Willa & The Breaks?

  • Hagar

    hey Nick, Been a huge fan since 1996 and still am and always will be. I live in Israel and have only seen you live in VHS, DVDs and bits on Youtube. This year I am going to my first ever BSB show in London O2 Arena. I have 2 questions:1) How do I catch your attention in the soundcheck (which I also have tickets to- Silver VIP!!!!!!)? 2) Will you ever come to Israel? Solo or with the Boys. Asking on behalf of all Israeli BSB fans. Thanks and love you, Hagar

  • Michelle

    Do you have any plans to tour the west coast? and if so are you considering just the states or Canada as well?


    in Latin America want ITO tour you come to Latin America with your solo tour? Greetings from CHILE

  • Benedicte

    Do you think to make an ITO tour in France? With meet and greet? We miss you so much. And do you believe in love at first sight? with a fan? is what it has already happened? Hope to see you in France one day (i've never seen you) fan since 1996 i'm 30 and hope a tweet one day and kick your ass at BF3. Stay who you are :) I love you like that ^^ Kisses from a very big fan! miss you in nickcarter.net. When you come back?

  • gina lawrence
    gina lawrence

    what do you want for your bday love you

  • Steph Warren
    Steph Warren

    Would you consider going to school? What would you major in/ take?

  • Jocelyn B.
    Jocelyn B.

    What is your guilty pleasure?

  • mmartelli

    Which actor would you want to play you if a movie was made about the BSB?? Love ya Nick! Been a fan since 1998! :) xo