Cryptic ‘Mad Men’ Image Shows Man In Suit Falling Head First

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The blogs have been abuzz ever since the latest image for Mad Men was released this week. Like the intro to the show, the ad shows a man in a suit (presumably the main character Don Draper played by Jon Hamm) falling head first, only this time there’s no building behind him. 

He seems to be falling into complete nothingness and onto March 25. The cryptic image has gotten some bloggers thinking that this is the end of the embattled character. Best Week Ever writer Michelle Collins thinks that the ad is alluding to the show ending with Don falling out of his Madison Avenue office building. Regardless of the poster’s connotation, one thing is for certain: Mad Men is returning! 

The first episode to air since the fall of 2010 will be directed by the man himself, Jon Hamm. Executive producer Matthew Weiner described the two-hour season premiere, telling The Hollywood Reporter

“It’s a Mad Men movie — I don’t think anyone’s going to think it’s two episodes spliced together. There is a story that starts in the middle of it [but otherwise] it’s one story. The beginning and the ending are related to each other.”

Will you be watching the highly anticipated premiere on March 25, or has too much time passed? Let us know in the comments.