Is ‘Alcatraz’ the New ‘Lost’? (POLL)

Last night’s premiere of Alcatraz scored in the ratings, launching series stars Jorge Garcia, Sarah Jones and Sam Neill into a mysterious world of undercover government agencies and secrets surrounding the fabled prison. 

Given that about 10 million people tuned in, we’d say the show is off to a smashing start — but does it have the staying power of Lost? Take our poll to tell us if you think Alcatraz fits the bill!

The brainchild of J.J. Abrams, the show is drawing comparisons to his show Lost — if not for being in the same mystery/drama genre than it also features a mysterious island and Jorge Garcia. Most of the similarities end there (although there is a also a central character named Jack).

So far, the fast-paced show has revealed that there is a huge cover-up surrounding the famous prison’s closure, an apparent time-travel thread (characters from the ’60s haven’t aged in present day), and a top secret government agency assigned to figure out the truth. 

What did you think of the premiere? Give us your review in the comments below!