Nick Cannon Back to Work, Explains ‘Mild Kidney Failure’

Nick in Aspen
Cannon bundles up for the holidays.
Nick & Mariah's Twins!
The twins make their TV debut.
You can’t keep a good man down! Nick Cannon is back at the helm of his daily radio show on 92.3NOW and talking about the health scare that sent him to the hospital. Mr. Mariah Carey explained that his docs first thought he had acute mountain sickness during the holidays in Aspen with his wife and “Dem Babies,” twins Monroe and Moroccan.

“They thought it was kidney stones … then a kidney infection,” he went on. “They found out my kidneys weren’t functioning well.”

As for the “mild kidney failure” (which is not really a medical term), he says, “We didn’t want to say ‘kidney failure’ so people would think I gotta get new kidneys and Gary Coleman and all that stuff, so we said ‘mild kidney failure.'”