Reader’s Respond! Who's Your Fave Armani Girl: Rihanna or Megan Fox?

Megan Fox Armani Ads
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Rihanna is now the new face of Armani, but the young beauty that came before her in these revealing ads was actress Megan Fox.

No doubt the "S&M" singer looks amazing in her lingerie ads, but was Megan just a little bit "foxier" during her Armani heyday?

We asked all you Celebuzz Facebook readers out there which star you preferred and the consensus was pretty 50/50. 

Some of the responses read: 

Tom Balchunas- "Megan, Rihanna great though!"

Motho Jesse M Roux- "Seriously..... It's Megan.... Dat girl has sex appeal...."

Elizabeth Snyder- "I LIKE THEM BOTH ♥"

Vanessa Ramirez- "Rihanna, she is bomb!"

Angelique Zimmer- "RiRi and Megan together!!"

Who do you think is the best Armani lingerie girl? Stand by your gal in the comments!



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  • Lissa Lee
    Lissa Lee

    Megan is the best!

  • simplydiffer

    Megan's last name is fox. She's a fox. Enough said. MEGAN ALL DAY, EVERYDAY!

  • furd

    transformers starlet megaaaaaaaaaaan fox

  • ryleesmom

    megan. end of discussion.

  • Zac


  • miss.rouso

    megan without a doubt

  • DeliciousJ

    Rihanna's photo's are WAY more sexy imo

  • riri navy
    riri navy

    noppp rihanna after all she was named sexiest women of 11 and not because of that its because shes just got it all... riri all the way

  • Drizzy Drake's Girl
    Drizzy Drake's Girl

    Megan and Rihanna are both gorgeous and amazing. I think Megan is better though. Sorry Rihanna.