Rihanna Strips Down To Her Armani Lingerie (PHOTOS)

Megan's Armani Ad
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As well know by now, Rihanna is not afraid to strip down, which makes her the perfect model for Armani lingerie. The 23-year-old -- who first posed for the brand in a blonde bob -- has gone back to brunette for these SUPER sexy, skin baring shots.

RiRi looks au natural in these black and white photos, very similar to that of former Armani models, Megan Fox and Victoria Beckham

The "S&M" star made headlines for another reason this past weekend. 

Rihanna was spotted smoking what looked to be a blunt, but the gossip doesn't seem to be affecting the pop star. She tweeted following the photos being released: 

"Waken...Baken...Good morning."


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  • avielle peal
    avielle peal

    Omg i fuckin love rihanna ima marry her swear

  • Sakura

    She got the hell of a body & a very beautiful, photogenic face! And she got the right charm & attitude to go with it! That's why she's so fit for all these photos! Smart move Armani!

  • Maxien Fisher
    Maxien Fisher

    She's always almost naked anyways so seeing her in her underwear isn't anything news worthy. Maybe bring us something where she is actually wearing clothes? then maybe we can see what she looks like with some on?