Sandra Bullock Drops Little Louis Off at School (PHOTOS)

Such a hands on mother, we love it! Sandra Bullock took son Louis to school Tuesday morning, walking him inside and stopping along the way to chat with other kids and their parents.

You'd almost think the Oscar winner was just an ordinary mom! Bullock and Louis braved the chilly weather in matching grey sweaters.

Viola Davis told Celebuzz last week that if she could have it her way, Sandy would eventually be in her in-law!

“Louis would be the one,” she told us when asked what Hollywood kid she would like her little girl to go out with. “Sandra is the most loving, fun mother. Just fantastic. It would definitely be Louis if I could pick–I want her as an in-law!”



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  • qwerty

    did you really just say that? a drug baby? you're fucking sick. fuck you.

  • candy

    Why does this kid always look so sad? Wonder if he was a drug baby (his real mother did drugs when she was pregnant)?

  • Drizzy Drake's Girl
    Drizzy Drake's Girl

    Damn , she got old.