Taylor Swift Covers Vogue, Says Next Album Will Be About ‘Crash-and-Burn Heartbreak’

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Anyone who has recently dated singer Taylor Swift may be a little worried once they get their hands on the latest issue of Vogue, on which she graces the cover.

In the revealing interview, Taylor opens up about a “not recent” breakup that inspired the songs on her forthcoming album, a breakup she says was both “earth-shattering” and caused “absolute crash-and-burn heartbreak.” Yikes.

“That will turn out to be what the next album is about,” she said. “The only way that I can feel better about myself—pull myself out of that awful pain of losing someone—is writing songs about it to get some sort of clarity.”

With that frame of mind, it’s no wonder Taylor says she has no plans to date in the near future. “I got nothing going on!” She said. “I just don’t really feel like dating. I really have this great life right now, and I’m not sad and I’m not crying this Christmas, so I am really stoked about that.”

“I think I am smart unless I am really, really in love, and then I am ridiculously stupid,” she added.

For more on Taylor Swift, check out the full interview on Vogue.com.

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