Trend Spotting: Celebs in Metallic Dresses (PHOTOS)

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Trend Spotting: Metallic Dresses
Award Season Trends
Celeb Designer Marco Marco on award fashion. Watch »

The Golden Globe statues were not the only shining objects garnering attention at this years ceremony. The Celebuzz staff also noticed a shimmering trend worthy of a second look!

Fashionistas Madonna and Nicole Richie -- along with a slew of others -- were rocking a jaw dropping, fresh metallic dresses. This was not just a Golden Globes trend, as it has been on the rise in popularity the past few months. We expect to see a lot more metallic shine this awards season!

Check out the gallery to see who sparkled in this hot look!

For more award season fashion, see our best and worst picks at the Golden Globe Awards, below:



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