Avan Jogia Talks Ways You Can Give Back in 2012 (VIDEO)

American Giving Awards!
Cause Creative hits the red carpet!
Victorious star Avan Jogia is all about giving back!

In 2011 the 19-year-old started Straight But Not Narrow, a movement which brings awareness to gay rights, but with a new year upon us, Avan wanted to highlight some other ways that young people can give back.

We took to Celebuzz’s Facebook and Twitter to get our reader’s feedback, and got some great responses! Avan sat down to pick out just a few of the responses, so watch the video to see how YOU can give back in 2012!

A couple that stood out in particular? Matt Damon’s charity water.org!

Avan said:

“Everyone can get behind that. Every human should have clean drinking water, and we’re so lucky in America to have water on our faucets.”

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What are some causes that you want to support this year? Let us know in the comments!

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