Celebrity Mailbag: Ask Bella Thorne a Question!

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Bella Thorne, the up-and-coming actress and model, is making her way in Hollywood. Best known for her role as the aspiring young dancer CeCe Jones on Disney Channel's Shake It Up!, Bella is just as sweet and sassy as her character. And now, Celebuzz is happy to announce that Bella will be taking part in an upcoming edition of Celebrity Mailbag, during which she will answer questions from our readers.

How do you submit your burning questions?

Simply “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook and enter your question for the Bella Thorne in the comments section below! We’ll gather them all and send them along to Bella Thorn, who will pick their favorites and answer them on video which we’ll premiere right here on Celebuzz.

We’ll be taking submissions until Mon., Jan. 23 at 10 AM ET. Just leave a comment below, and check back soon for Bella’s Celebrity Mailbag response!

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  • Eva

    Have you ever had a cavity? Love eva you're BIGGEST fan. :)

  • bellathornesmylonglostgirl

    Florida77 do no be a douche she is a vary talented girl

  • bellathornesmylonglostgirl

    Ere you sad after the shooting of the elmentery school

  • bellathornesmylonglostgirl

    Which is your fav mean girls one or two

  • bellathornesmylonglostgirl

    What's your favorite role you where in

  • florida77

    Why do you do such a terrible job at lip sinking in the song "Fashion Is My Kryptonite?"

  • Janae

    Where do you get all your clothes at? 'Cause I love all them.

  • E'llah Sidonee Brown
    E'llah Sidonee Brown

    Were is the one place in the world you would love to visit- love lots your biggest fan ellah

  • Casey

    What is your favorite place to visit in the world? In the US? Favorite state? And how do you deal with your dyslexia? You are so strong and my awesome rolemodel. thanks for that <3

  • Abby

    would Bella Thorne come to Philippines?? 'cause I really want to see her in person!!!

  • Sean

    Since Shake It Up is the #1 show on the Disney Channel, and has become internationally popular, how are you taking this all in, are kind of shocked that this is happening to you?

  • Veronika

    Hi Bella! I was wondering, would you ever become friends with a fan of yours? I've always wanted to know, it's my dream to be your friend<3 :] 143! Also, one last thing, would you come back to Michigan? I'd do anything to meet you again Bella<3.

  • emiliano

    are you making more songs???

  • emiliano

    have you ever think on coming to mexico???

  • Bella

    What kind of movie do you want to do in the future?

  • Layla

    What is your favorite thing to do with your friends? Are you single? Do you have any advice for an actress? Your hero? Will there be a shake it up season 3? And will you be in another disney movie or any other production? And finally did you like playing Cece or Avalon better?

  • Rida

    what was it like recording with ur two bffs watch me with zendaya and bubblegumboy with pia!!!

  • Rida

    was it fun recording a song with ur bffs!!! watch me with zendaya and bubblegumboy with pia.

  • gege

    is ur other talent singing or u just auto-tuned?

  • sage

    can you please follow me!

  • Shelly

    Do you think that your filling in the shoes that Miley and Hilary started before you?

  • Eli

    Who is your favorite Disney girl from the Past?

  • Kyla

    Do you have any hidden talents?

  • Kyla

    Your fans call themselves "Bellarinas", if you could give them any other nickname, what would it be and why?

  • Kyla

    As an actress, what would be your dream role to play?

  • Kyla

    If you could have one superpower what would it be and why?

  • Kyla

    What is the best piece of advice anyone has ever given you?

  • DontGiveUp

    I'm 17 and some people find it funny how a 14 years old girl is my rolemodel and my idol. And that's you. I really love,support,respect and admire you,your work and your personality. <3 I love you. So my question is "how do you deal with bullying and rumors that haters spread around about you?" You are a strong person,Bells.

  • Olympe

    What's The Stupidest Thing You Ever Did ?

  • BellasLover

    What series do you watch to? I know about one and that's The Vampire Diares. Are there more? :) Love you. xoxox

  • BellarinaBelievesInBella

    Do you like the name of your fanbase "Bellarinas"? I think it's amazing! I am a Bellarina :)

  • Marissa

    Oh yah im @Djkinzy but youll probably never add me I mean seriously what huge star like u on a amazing show follow a 12 year old from AZ -_-

  • Marissa

    Hi im Marissa and im 12 and Whats you favorite foo and hi also plzzzzzzz follow me on twitter i am your biggest fan and ive watched all of your videos u put up on youtube btw halarious

  • büşra

    please folow me on twitter bsipahi99 please :))) !!!

  • büşra

    do you own the account yourself on twitter? and my second question :how to become actriss? andddd are you like zendaya ? please answer me question !!! <3 :)

  • DanniKatyHayes

    Have you got any tips for a dislexic wannabe Actress follow my twitter please@DanniKatyHayes

  • Ama

    do you have a boyfriend at the moment?

  • georgia

    because you get your hair styled a lot how do u manage to keep it healthy and what products do you use?

  • Alannah

    What would some one have to do to be part of 'Shake It Up'?

  • Madi

    Are you like your character Cece?

  • Madi

    You were born in Florida do you ever visit or miss FL. How does it feel to be at this point at such a young age?

  • Fan1

    What skills do you have?

  • breanna

    bella how did you get your job on diseny? did you get found or did you adition?

  • diana

    also, i love your hair! is that your natural colour?

  • diana

    What are the things you most have in common with Cece?

  • cooperpooper

    which hollywood actress do you admire the most?