Jennifer Aniston’s Pregnancy Rumors Through The Years! (PHOTOS)

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Jennifer Aniston cannot escape the tabloid headlines especially when it comes to rumors of her being “with child.” Ever since her very public split with ex-husband Brad Pitt (and even before that) in 2005, the 40-something actress has been constantly speculated to have a baby on the way.

Her most recent baby rumor surfaced this week, stemming from Britain’s Look magazine who’s claiming that the former Friends star is six months pregnant with boyfriend Justin Therouxs child. According to the rag mag, Jen was spotted out and about this past week with a very vivid bump that she attempted to hide under a coat.

Sound familiar? It’s a very similar baby bump story we’ve heard before when it comes to the actress. Let’s take a walk down Jen’s rumored pregnancy lane!

There was the time she was having a child with her then beau John Mayer back in 2008. The then couple wasn’t just having one baby, they were said to be having twins. Jennifer later split from John and reports surfaced that she was going to be a single mom by visiting fertility banks and deciding to get pregnant on her own.

That was followed by a magazine headline insisting she was going to adopt a baby, just like her ex Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Oh, and let’s not forget the rumor that she was planning to conceive with her Bounty Hunter costar Gerard Butler!

With her latest love, Justin, these two have “almost” had a baby since the world found out they were officially dating this past summer! From reports to a shotgun wedding to (yes, you guessed it) twins again for Jen (but this time with Justin), it’s hard to keep up!

So what makes this recent report any different from the ones before it? Is Jen really pregnant this time? Check out Celebuzz’s most recent photos of Jen from this month by clicking here.

Do you believe the most recent baby rumors about Jen and Justin? Tell us what you think in the comments section!