Katherine Heigl Brings a Shy Naleigh Onto ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ (VIDEO)

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Katherine Heigl used her interview opportunity on Jimmy Kimmel not just to promote her upcoming movie, but also to let her little daughter Naleigh get a little applause … even though the adorable tot didn’t seem too thrilled by it.

Heigl, who looked gorgeous while on the show promoting One for the Money, was quick to respond after Kimmel asked her how old Naliegh was. “She’s here … she’s very hammy. She likes applause,” Heigl said, prompting the crowd to start cheering before her husband Josh Kelley came out to deliver little Naleigh.

But once Naleigh was out, the applause didn’t seem to give her any star complex.

“Say ‘Hello Mr. Kimmel.’ She loves a crowd. She’ll be shy right now, but when people applaud … ” Katherine tried again, but Naleigh seemed content just sitting there sucking on her thumb. Her shining moment was when Heigl asked her about her nails, prompting Naleigh to proudly shout out “Andy” (her nanny) as the name of the person who painted them.