Adam Lambert Explains ‘Foolish’ Finland Bar Brawl (VIDEO)

Adam Lambert Arrested?!
Adam and his boyfriend reportedly in bar brawl!
Adam Lambert is finally opening up about his recent fight with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen that led to their arrest in Finland this past December. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the former American Idol contestant laughed off the incident, admitting the couple are doing fine now.

So what exactly happened? Adam reveals:

“You know, relationships are work and I’m so lucky to have fallen in love with a great partner. Everybody has their ups and downs, things happen. When you add alcohol to a situation, things can get out of control and some people can get upset and emotional. What happened was, we had too much to drink. We screwed up. There were no injuries, no violence. It was more of childish, foolish, messiness.”

At the time of the arrest in December, Adam and his partner spent several hours in a Finnish jail and were held for questioning after reportedly getting into a physical brawl. According to Hollywood Reporter, police were called to DTM (Don’t Tell Mama), a famous Helsinki gay club, after the couple got into a dispute after being kicked out of the club.

Looking back on the incident, Adam regrets those drunken decisions and hopes to set a better example in 2012.

“I was a little irresponsible and I think what I learned from the experience was that I owe it to myself, to my loved ones, and to my fans to be a little more adult and pull it together,” he said.

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