Katherine Heigl: I Want to Come Back to 'Grey's Anatomy' - Should Izzie Return? (POLL)

Katherine Heigl Wants Back on 'Grey's Anatomy'

Some fans were disappointed when Katherine Heigl left Grey's Anatomy, now she says she wants to come back! 
"I've told them I want to," she told Eonline.com. "I don't know. ... Being a showrunner and being a writer of a TV series like that is so complicated that I mean, she's (Shonda Rhimes) got how many characters are there now? There's a lot. And so she's balancing about 40 different storylines, so I don't know if it fits in to their, sort of, vision for this season or next or however many seasons it goes." 
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The actress left the full-time work of doing a series to focus on her family. She and hubby Josh Kelley adopted a little girl -- who is featured in his new video of which Katherine directed. 

Although she left TV< Katherine continued to pursue her big screen career. Her new movie One For The Money is out Jan.27. 



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  • Joually

    no, she just left town!! that was a stupid ending for a character, but somehow it lets an open window if she wants to come back!!!

  • Karan Mahavadi
    Karan Mahavadi

    lol crazyrabbits, you know how much money she gets for her movies? "Heigl won greater financial success after Knocked Up (2007). The movie grossed $148,761,765 in the U.S., for which she earned a salary of $300,000 USD.[41] Heigl got higher wages in the film 27 Dresses (2008), for which she received $6 million USD.[41]; and for the films Killers (2010) and Life as We Know It (2010), for which she was paid $12 million each." Unless that is an unsuccessful movie career, then you are right.

  • sharde

    love to see her come back. and no her character didnt die. she left.

  • crazyrabbits

    Isn't her character dead? Guess that whole movie career hasn't really worked out for her, huh?

  • danielleakame

    meh! she left!!!! now she isnt busy she can just come back?!?!?!? dumb