Kim Kardashian Is Latest Star to Join the SpiritHood Squad (PHOTOS)

Trend Spot: Animal Print
Stars show their spots (and their wild side).
What a wild trend! Fashionista Kim Kardashian was the latest celeb to step out rocking the ever-so-popular SpiritHood. Kim recently showed off her new cozy hat on her personal Twitter — tweeting a photo of herself “getting wild” in a SpiritHood and animal print blazer.

But she’s not the only star who has taken up this furry trend (or the only Kardashian, for that matter). Sister Khloe and fellow celebs Vanessa Hudgens, Ke$ha, and even Conan O’Brien have all sported the SpiritHood during this cold winter season. Flip through the gallery to see who else have been head-over-heels for these hoods!

SpiritHoods are not only fun, but they’re also safe for animals too. In the midst of this hot trend, animal activist group PETA actually applauded the Kardashian sisters for taking up this furry (but animal-friendly) trend. 

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