High-Waisted Bikini Showdown: Florence Welch vs. Kesha (PHOTOS)

These musicians have very different sounds, but very similar beach styles. Going against the skimpy bikini trends seen on most celebs, both Ke$ha and Florence Welch of Florence and the Machine have stepped out in black, high-waisted bikinis.

Florence is the latest to rock the suit while vacationing in Rio with her boyfriend and a few friends this week. But it was Ke$ha who first caught everyone's attention with her vintage suit. The "Blow" singer was spotted splashing around in Adelaide, Australia back in March 2011 wearing her high-waisted bikini. 

Though we're not a fan of this style, we thought it best to give these gals a fair style showdown. Which artist do you think rocks the swimsuit best? Cast your vote in the poll and leave a few reviews in the comments! 

To get a better look at Ke$ha's swimsuit, click the pics below. 



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