‘Hunger Games’ Book Club — Ch. 12 (VIDEO)

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Welcome back to Celebuzz’s 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown! Today, we have another episode of our book club, and we’re deep in the heart of the games, awaiting to see the tributes’ fates. Will Katniss and Peeta live to see another day? 

The chapter opens as Katniss discovers that Peeta has teamed up with the Careers. Although she feels betrayed, she is more worried about staying alive. As she searches for water and shelter, Katniss begins to wonder why Haymitch won’t send one of those little parachutes to help her. But that is the least of her worries! Click the video above and get in on the discussion.

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Fan art credit: http://woman-king.deviantart.com/art/Katniss-Everdeen-269959533

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