Johnny Depp, Kate Beckinsale & More Celebs Who’ve Played Vampires (PHOTOS)

Ladies Who Love Vamps
These ladies fell for some hot on-screen vampires!
Oh, how we love our vampires!

The onslaught of vampires continued this week with fans being treated to not one but two vampire franchises. Not only did the latest installment of the Underworld saga, Underworld Awakening, hit theaters, but vampire fans got to whet their appetite with new stills from Johnny Depp’s new flick, Dark Shadows.

But these blood-thirsty creatures have existed in Hollywood cinema for decades. So why the fascination? Celebuzz is taking a look back at the best vamps from pop culture. Flip through the gallery to see which celeb has donned on the fangs over the years!

So far, there’s been three different actors who’ve portrayed the infamous Count Dracula, and who can forget the 80s teen horror film The Lost Boys?! The affection we have for sexy vamps is more than we can bear.

Opening this Friday, Kate Beckinsale reprised her role as Selene, a vampire who hunts werewolves, in Underworld Awakening. Check out the trailer below!

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