Readers Respond: Who Should Play Carrie Bradshaw in ‘Sex and the City’ TV prequel?

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After it was announced Wednesday that The CW network had picked up a Sex and The City prequel, we here at Celebuzz got to thinking about who should play the renowned Miss Carrie Bradshaw (the younger edition).

We asked you, the readers, to help us out with which young Hollywood starlet has got the acting chops to reprise Carrie pre her fabulous friendships with Miranda, Charlotte and Samantha. We came up with our own top five list that to take over for Sarah Jessica Parker that included: Miley Cyrus, Ashley Tisdale, Ashley Greene, Brittany Snow and Emma Roberts. 

Though some of you agreed with these prospects, others thought Hilary Duff would be the right gal for the job. Some other responses included: 

Kevin Tully- “Ashley tisdale!”

Jaz Heer- “I think Lauren Conrad!!!!!!”

 Shannon Riley- “Ashley Greene!”

Shanika Harvey- “I love Ashley Greene but I think Brittany Snow is a better match.”

Ashley Buttercup Schilling- “I dont want a different person!”

Jamie Lynn Latham- “Emma Roberts”

Rachel Bretherton- “Ashley Tisdale! She could channel carries perkiness easily and she is the one who looks the most like a young SJP! But I agree there’s only one Carrie Bradshaw!!!!”

Lisa Marie- “I love Britney Snow. She would be absolutely fantastic for the part.”

Kelly Dryden- “Blake Lively”

Rachael Bretherton- “Ashley Tisdale! She could channel carrie’s perkiness … But i agree there’s only one carrie bradshaw!!!! Xxxx”

Lisa Marie- “I love Britney Snow. She would be absolutely fantastic for the part. Miley might be good for that new show…Bayou Billionaires.”

Can anyone really capture the essence of this character like SJP? Can you really envision another actress in that role, even if it is the younger model? They certainly have some big Manolo Blahniks to fill! Ashley Tisdale was the winner of our Celebuzz poll by 30%, but what do you think? Cast Carrie in the comments!