Which Dreamy A-Lister Was Seen Riding a New Motorcycle Around LA? (PHOTOS)

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Vroom, vroom!

We know that there are a bevy of Hollywood bad boys who love to live on the edge by riding motorcycles, but who is the dreamboat behind that helmet?

Hint, he just had dinner with a fellow actor, along with his mom!

It’s Bradley Cooper!

The Limitless actor was seen taking his hog for a spin on Friday afternoon, and being the responsible fellow he is, put safety first by sporting a helmet.

And the dinner date we’re referring to took place with Kate Hudson on Thursday evening. Maybe these two are gearing up for an awesome rom-com together?!

Nowhere to be seen was Bradley’s rumored girlfriend Zoe Saldana, who was a bit of a hero on Wednesday, when she rushed to the aid of a woman who had just been in a car accident. According to reports, Zoe dialed 911 and stayed on the scene until paramedics arrived.

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