100 Days of ‘Hunger Games’: Inside Look at the Franchise’s Numbers & Figures (PHOTOS)

'Hunger Games' Casting
See which actors auditioned for the role of Peeta.
Welcome back to our 100 Days of Hunger Games celebration! With the film’s March 23rd release slowly approaching, Celebuzz has decided to take a look at what we know about this highly-anticipated film so far.

Although Lionsgate has kept mum on what fans can expect plot-wise, many of the movie’s facts and figures have been released by the press and crew and cast members. How many actresses did Jennifer Lawrence beat out for the role of Katniss? How many movies did Woody Harrelson say he was signed up for? How many hours did Elizabeth Banks spend in the make-up chair to look like Effie Trinket? 

Flip through the gallery above to see Hunger Games by the numbers!

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