Bikini-clad Vanessa Hudgens PDAs with Boyfriend Austin Butler (PHOTOS)

Even though she's currently on a promotional tour in Hawaii, Vanessa Hudgens is making time to PDA with boyfriend Austin Butler.

The twosome got hot and heavy on a beach this weekend. Sporting an itty-bitty, black bikini, V-Hud was seen frolicking surf for her shirtless beau. Later on, the couple cuddled up as they watched the sun set together.

Vanessa is currently promoting Journey 2: The Mysterious Island down south, but she's taking advantage of every spare moment to spend time with her man!

Earlier last week, Hudgens and her PDA-happy beau were seen swapping spit in the surf. Vanessa and Austin were practically attached at the lips throughout their day together.

Do you think these two are pushing it with their PDA? Let us know in the comments below! 



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  • fred

    She looks fantastic!! She is one of the worlds most beautiful women!!

  • Alejandra

    En faite, c'est un de9bat de merde ici.Les me9dia amplifie tout parce que elle est ce9le8bre. Mort de rire.Megan Fox va telle prdere son emploi parce que elle est lesbienne et danseuse ??? Non, du tout, e7a fait de la pub pour les films qu'elle fait, puisque e7a attire la race masculine, sois nous :D.Dans le cas de Vanessa, oui elle fait dans le teenagers, mais encore le0, si personne en parlerait, les enfants n'en serais rien du tout. Je croyais que l'Ame9rique e9tait plus mature et moins conserve9e que e7a, faut croire que le Que9bec est vraiment en avance sur le monde. Si les parents sont pas capable de dire les vrai chose e0 leur enfant, ou de cacher au plus petit les trucs qui frf4le les trucs d'adulte, ben de9sole9 mais vous eates nulle point.Pour terminer . relation sexuelle commence e0 l'e9cole primaire dans la ge9ne9ration actuelle, donc je crois pas que e7a choque bien du monde, bien sfbre excepte9 les enfants sur-prote9ge9s. Les jeunes fument e0 5 ans, les filles font des pipes au primaire et ils commencent e0 boire de la vodka gre2ce e0 Popa ou Momant, ou des amis plus vieux e0 l'e2ge de 10 ans . fack au pire, fermer moi e7a tout suite ste merdier le0.

  • kayedanamae

    she might go back out with zac efron...but i think hes he got a tattoo saying lily on it. anyways yeah like natalia said..if shes happy with him..then thats all thier!

  • twilight_lover

    my purpose definitely was not negative or to hurt anyone. stop making judgments and I can say whatever I want to say,all right?

  • Amber

    What's with you people? How dare you judge someone based on looks! If she were a "normal" person, aka not a celebrity, people would think she looks AMAZING. Just because she is a celebrity does not mean she needs to be anorexic. Yes, Twilight_Lover, that is what you are implying by saying such a terrible comment in such a negative, pompous, sophomoric way. Thanks for helping to even further mitigate body images issues in youngsters.

  • Ashley

    shut up what is wrong with you people, your belly isn't effecting her health, which is what really matter, you fucking shallow people. She's beautiful not matter the size.

  • jamebond


  • err321

    what?? she has a ft belly

  • err321

    stop showing that gigantic fat tummy

  • twilight_lover

    im twilight_lover haha suck it up

  • sona

    i'm not saying that she's an anorexic! i'm saying it's because of people like twilight_lover that there are a lot of anorexics! Vanessa looks good

  • davidf

    That guy looks like charlie sheen from the back. haha

  • twilight_lover

    honey i look just like her so i am not anorexic! she has exactly my figure so i am not saying that because i wanna like say something bad ok? i am saying this so that she can look better.and i hate anorexic

  • Natalia

    she does have to lose a little of her belly fat but i prefer her with a little of belly fat than like an anorexic patient so shes looking good!

  • Natalia

    so cute!! but i think she looks cuter with zac, but if she happy with him thats the only thing that counts!

  • Danielle

    Give it a few months and the entertainment news will announce Vanessa is pregnant.

  • sona

    what? what the hell? it's because of people like you that there are anorexics in this world!

  • twilight_lover

    lose some weight doll

  • Carmen

    I think it's great that she gives a sh** that maybe there are some paps!! Because if she wouldn't be in Hollywood she could do that without people saying nasty things like Hannah and sid on this page. When I fall in love I'm just like Vanessa and Austin. I want to spent every time with my boyfriend and I'd love to show the whole world that he's the one. You know what I mean?! So I would kiss him on the street, in the park, just everywhere if I like to. She does the same. why should they hide their love?! The time she dated Zac.. even though they were together for a looong time, nobody saw them really kissing or smth like that. They hid it and I think its exhausting to look over your shoulder everytime you wanna kiss him/her. because I think you have to be a really good actor to just hide all this love when you're outside... So just let them be... they trying to enjoy the love. who are you people telling nasty things just because some paps keep taking photographs.... Love xoxo

  • Hannah

    What are these two trying to prove? She's acting like a 16 yr old girl trying way to hard to prove she's over her ex. Obviously she isn't. But no need to do trashy and flashy photo ops where she's humping this guy. Stay out of the spotlight and show some class.

  • sid

    that's enough of her. they are obviously posing for the cameras. both are so untalented and trashy. who gives a fuck? stop posting them.