‘American Idol’ Watch: Jim Carrey’s Daughter Is Going to Hollywood (VIDEO)

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Show biz must run in the family! Jim Carrey seems to have passed down his good genes to his 24-year-old daughter Jane Carrey. The funnyman’s daughter auditioned for American Idol on Sunday’s episode and her voice earned her one golden ticket to Hollywood!

The Hollywood heir chose to sing Bonnie Raitt’s ‘Something to Talk About,’ and the judges were quite impressed. 

“The last name definitely helps and hurts. There’s this pressure to be better because if I make it somewhere, I run the risk of people saying ‘you only got there because of this.'” Jane said in a preview clip that aired before her audition. “I’m here to make my place in the world.”

Regardless, she may still have a leg up as this wasn’t the first time the Carrey family had a friendly TV run-in with Idol judge Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer worked together with Jane’s dad Jim on the show In Living Color when she was a Fly Girl. Check out JLo in the video below. 

Meanwhile back at Idol, Papa Jim was very proud of his daughter following her audition.  The Yes Man actor sang Jane’s praises to Ryan Seacrest over the phone, saying:

“She’s so wonderful and amazing to me, I can’t wait for the world to understand what she has inside of her. This is going to be a fantastic year.”

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