Demi Lovato Ditches Twitter After Getting Into 'Trouble'

Demi Lovato leaving the Standard Hotel in West Hollywood

They say sharing is caring, but Demi Lovato seems to think she's sharing too much lately. The "Skyscraper" singer tweeted on Saturday: 
 "Twitter break. It's for the best actually. Who allows me to have this thing anyways?!!! I just get myself in trouble! Haha. Anyway... BYE!"
The tweet came following a short message that read: "Can't please everyone."

This announcement also comes after it was reported that Demi split from her boyfriend Wilmer Valderrama. The former Disney star, 19, fueled these rumors with a series of tweets. The People's Choice Awards performer wrote earlier this month: 

"The smartest thing a woman can ever learn, is to never need a man."
Another cryptic tweet was a quote by Marilyn Monroe that read:
“A wise girl kisses but doesn’t love, listens but doesn’t believe, and leaves before she is left.”
Do you think Demi needed to take a break from Twitter, or should she just regulate her tweets better? Sound off in the comments! 


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  • Sookie


  • sin

    Time for her to go lesbian for a few months.

  • Boo :)
    Boo :)

    I don't understand people. Who cares if she wants to take a picture of herself showing her bra? Come on, she is young and has done nothing wrong. She has not sold her sex tape or anything like that. Even if she had, it's her life! If your friend had done that, it would be cool, but she's famous so let's judge her! Also that photo was private, she can do anything she wants in her private life. So people, don't be so mean please.

  • courtney

    I must've missed this bra photo, but I say just regulate.

  • Steph

    I honestly don't think it's about Wilmer, I think it's about her fans judging her for the bra photo.

  • tains

    I love Demi so much, so if she thinks a Twitter break is good for her, than I will support her! Stay Strong.