Kim Kardashian Opens Up: 'People Don't Really See My Heart' (PHOTOS)

Kim's Message to Fans
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Kim Files for Divorce
Kim Kardashian Divorce
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Kim Kardashian joined Kelly Ripa’s list of fabulous female guest hosts this week on LIVE! with Kelly on Monday morning, and the talk quickly became personal.

Kim opened up about her public divorce from Kris Humphries and what it has really been like following the demise of their brief marriage.

“It's been a hard couple of months. I moved in with my mom -- half the time with my mom and half with Kourtney ... I really did some soul searching and it was really ... I needed that,” Kim said of what she has been up too since the split.

Kim really stressed how much she wanted this to be her fairytale ending but it just didn’t quite fit for her.

“I think me being such a hopeless romantic, I wanted to believe in something so badly,” she told Kelly. "I fell in love and I thought it could work just like the examples I saw."

Kim also comments on the backlash she received that she only married Kris for money.

"If you really think about it -- if this was a business decision and I really made all that money everyone's claiming we made and the wedding was fake and just for TV, I'm a smart businesswoman. I would have stayed married longer."
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  • Ingrid Vianey Sevilla
  • Marissa Livedotte
    Marissa Livedotte

    Her face is starting to get scary...lay off the surgery hunny...

  • raven

    love the dress!

  • lisa and tom smyth
    lisa and tom smyth

    Hi, kim you say you have a big heart i like to know if you can help out me and my husband we are homeless since dec 22,2011 he has been in the hospital 8 different times because of having heart attacks. since nov.21,2011 till jan11,2012. just wanted to know if you cn help us out please we have no place to go we been in the car my sister letting us stay till feb4,2012 and we have to go and we have place to go and its really cold outside it been snowing out there we live in mich you can call me at 586-209-6696 ask for lisa hope you can help we have no one else to turn for help. also love your family god bless you and your family. love your show....

  • Tanya

    oh my gosh Wess so YOU follow the Kardashians too ...quietly ...Im inmpressed I agree - she THOUGHT she was in love....He was young and she was gorgeous and he thought so too - from the bottom of his heart He even knew he was marrying " the mob"

  • miss.rouso

    she looks gorgeous in that dress <3

  • justaguy


  • AlaBella

    People don't see your "heart" because you never managed to make them care about it in the first place. Let's face it, you didn't become famous for having any talent watsoever, except that of spreading your legs and showing the world your butt. You can't act, you can't sing, you can't dance ... and you can't even lie! (seriously, stop pretending that "marriage" was not a business decision - you obviously cannot convince even yourself that it wasn't) On top of that, you may edit your shows as much as you like, but you still come off as a spoilt, narcissistic brat who'd do anything to get a camera in her face and the footage shoved into anybody's face. Do you think that makes people care about your "heart"? Do you think that makes people believe you can actually have feelings for someone else than yourself? No, it doesn't. You may have done some "soul searching" but I strongly advise you disappeared off the face of the earth for a long while and did some more soul searching. Then maybe you'd realise how the world doesn't need you and your family on their TVs/blogs/magazines.

  • rodney

    kim kardashians is one smart bussiness lady i wish she take time and listen to my idea you go gal and when you ready two make the world change for the better we can make the change happen gnite

  • rodney

    have a great week you are going two the top

  • SH

    Heart??? what heart???? she has a cash register where her her heart is supposed to be. This marriage was nothing but a money meker. I feel sorry for Chris.....

  • 6+3=me

    No we can't see KK heart because her mouth, and conniving face is in the way. I wouldn't be surprised if something really bad happen to her. Because she made a bogus deal with the devil, and sold her soul and body for fame and money. Scary.

  • ashley

    cry me a river....can we please close the chapter on this lame azz marriage

  • meeeeee

    Her heart? Really? Her heart is shaped like $.

  • charlie

    my buddy's ex-wife makes $76 an hour on the computer. She has been without a job for 5 months but last month her income was $9097 just working on the computer for a few hours. Read more on this site...

  • Olivia2

    lol..dat was random but u made me laugh..

  • MaryMM

    living in a hotel with your new husband and your sisters family is not "married life". .. eating out at restaurants everyday, walking around with makeup on 24/7 and not spending time with each other, having no privacy in your personal space inst married life either. She should of taken this "soul searching" journey with Kris as husband and wife... clearly they knew nothing about each other.

  • wrlbs

    Kim did not deserve Kris, she has disrepected not just Kris on the show but other people too, When u get married live changes, just about everything changes, but she lives in a fairy tale always has and always will. She needs to cover her body once in awhile everyone i mean everyone knows she has a big butt and big breasts and when get married that is one thing she cover up unless she is with her husband. she is made her fame, now she need to get on the her live, She need to adopt a baby and it will give her some meaning in her life..........

  • Dana Holt-Butters
    Dana Holt-Butters

    Kris Humprhies is a knob! Who could blame her? I think they married before they got to "really" know each other and when their true selves came out Kim realized she was married to an immature boy with a shiny new toy. Kris was just finally getting the hang of it...

  • justaguy

    I want to jizz all over her face

  • wess

    One thing is for sure, Kim was not in love with Kris Humphries. She probably thought they would eventually fall in love with each other. Kim was in love with the idea of being married and having kids. However, that is something you do with someone you love.