Malin Akerman Talks ‘Rock of Ages’ & Raves About ‘Unbelievable’ Tom Cruise

'Rock of Ages' Beach Time!
Diego Boneta & Julianne Hough film the upcoming movie.
Tom: Doting Dad!
Tom Cruise and his daughter Suri.
Tom Cruise in 'Ages'
Check out a tatted, rocker Tom!
We caught up with the lovely Malin Akerman at Bing Bar who is in town for Sundance and performed for the Brita FilterForGood Music Project where she was singing with her jazz band, Malin and the Mystic Cats. Clearly she has a passion for music because she will be in the much hyped Rock of Ages coming out this year.

“I’m so excited for that to come out, it was unbelievable making that fim,” Malin told us. “Just look at the cast! I got to sing a duet with Tom Cruise. It doesn’t get much better than that.”

She told us that it was Tom who particularly blew her away on set:

“It was surreal to do a movie with him! I’ve literally died and gone to heaven. We sing I Wanna Know What Love Is by Foreigner.”

“He is so fantastic,” she raved. “I did a movie with Katie [Holmes] two years prior so I knew him a little bit. He is amazing. He is a man who can do whatever he sets his mind to and do it extremely well. And he’s super positive–I can’t say a bad thing about him. He’s unbelievable.”

Akerman has shot films with tons of A-List actors, but Cruise is on a whole other level when it comes to how he behaves on set:

“It’s crazy how huge of a star he is that he’s so down to earth and actually a real person. He makes effort to get to know everyone on the set from cast to crew, ask about their family, and is just so genuine. He’s a real person. Working with veterans like that you learn so much.” 

But it wasn’t all fun and games! During rehearsals, Malin told us she actually injured her duet partner!

“Yes, during rehearsals I totally knocked him in the head! Luckily we both survived to tell the story, and shocker — he couldn’t have been nicer about it!”

Rock of Ages hits theaters June 15, 2012. Check out the trailer below!

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