Ryan Kwanten Teases ‘New Girl’ Episode: Is He Really Zooey Deschanel’s Dream Guy?

Excl. Ryan Kwanten Chat
'True Blood' hunk talks with Celebuzz
True Blood hunk Ryan Kwanten is heading to New Girl while on hiatus from his hit HBO show! The Australian actor was hanging at the Bertolli Meal Soup Chalet hosted by Gen Art in Park City and in between watching some NFL playoff games, stopping by the Solstice Sunglass Boutique  and hanging with Laura Prepon, he told Celebuzz how excited he was for fans to see him head to Fox for a bit.

“It’s the Valentine’s Day episode and I’m Zooey Deschanel’s dream guy–well supposedly,” Ryan said with a smile. “He’s the guy on an internet dating site that would have all the great boxes checked and seem perfect…but lets just say she speculates that a little bit too much!”

Ladies–for the record, Kwanten also told us internet dating is not for him. “I’m bad enough as it is,” he said laughing. 

Back to his time on set, he sang Zooey’s praises:

“She is such a sweetheart. I hadn’t met her before the show, but I am even more of a fan than I was before. She really is wonderful.”

So could this guest stint lead to an even bigger role?

“I don’t know! I would love to come back though,” Ryan said. “I guess we’ll see how it plays, but if they would want me back I would treat it as an honor.”

Thankfully for us True Blood fans though Ryan gets back to work on the show soon, but was tight lipped about what’s in store for season 4.

“You are going to get me in trouble, I can’t tell you anything!”

He did tell us he was “excited” to see all his cast mates. His True Blood costar Joe Manganiello has a little movie coming out this summer called Magic Mike and if you read Celebuzz then we hope you guys have heard of it. Still, Ryan looked a bit shocked when we filled him in on what Joe’s been doing during hiatus!

“A male stripping movie! Wow that is great, I could see Joe doing quite well. I’ll for sure see it! Hey why not, right?”

Be sure to check out Ryan’s episode of New Girl in a few weeks. Can’t wait!