2012 Oscar Nominations: Snubs & Surprises (PHOTOS)

First he didn't get the People's Sexiest Man Alive title and now he's snubbed by the Academy -- Drive star Ryan Gosling just can't catch a break!

Meanwhile, Jonah Hill and Nick Nolte were surprise nominees for their supporting roles in Moneyball and The Warrior, but while they're celebrating their Oscar nods, Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender should be as puzzled as we are that their critically acclaimed film Shame didn't make the ballot. 

But they weren't the only ones snubbed (where is Young Adult star Charlize Theron on this list?!), and Jonah wasn't the only shocker. Click the pics to see what the Academy overlooked as well as some of their peculiar picks. 

Do you agree with the Oscar nominees list? Check out who actually has a chance at winning in the gallery below. 



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  • Jesse Egarin
    Jesse Egarin

    He's better than George Clooney or Brad Pitt or Jean Dujardin (who's that guy anyway, nominated just because he's french, please...) or anyone on the oscars list ! I don't understand why he never gets nominated. Who are the jerks deciding who's nominated or not ? How could they also snubb Michael Fassbender (Shame) and Ryan Gosling (Drive) ? They seriously need to lighten up !!

  • Eli

    M. Fassbender is an amazing actor, I hope he will be nominated next year, because he really deserves an oscar.

  • mariaNNa

    WOW Water for Elephants should have been nominated it was a fantastic movie!!!

  • Frenchgal

    Rooney Mara, are they f*cking serious ??? Did she buy her nod or what ?

  • luvlyhoneybabe

    I agree 100% I don't think there was anything original or brilliant about Rooney Mara's role/performance.

  • Marie Jacobs
    Marie Jacobs

    What I see is a list of Bozo supporters, I really believed that DiCaprio would have been recognized for his work, and with 2 oscars under her belt, how can you ignore Charlize Theron. These awards are becoming so political it's stomach turning, as is Redford with his class warfare remarks.

  • Mimi

    Poor Leo. I think he's used being snubbed at the Oscars.He should have by now like 5 Oscar nominations...and maybe even an Oscar. But don't give up, Leo, you will win one day! You're certainly one of the best actors alive. You're as good as George Clooney or Brad Pitt.

  • Mimi

    Many of you never heard of Nick Nolte before, but just to let you know, he's and amazing actor.

  • Mimi

    Best surprise at 2012 Oscars. I think Gary Oldman or Brad Pitt should win the Oscar this year. Because George Clooney is too mainstream...

  • Mimi

    Yesterday I through Emma Stone deserved and Golden Globe nomination at least, not necessary an Oscar nomination. But today, when I found out that Rooney Mara who's the 100th actress to play Lisabeth Salander in the 100th The Girl With A Dragon Tattoo movie, I through - F**K YOU OSCARS! Emma was unbelievable good in The Help! And so did Kirsten Dunst in Melancholia. At least their roles were originals...

  • Mrs. Biddles
    Mrs. Biddles

    Who cares? The Oscars are politically driven, and the telecast is a chance for the leftist liberal Hollywood elite to spew their political rhetoric. They don't mean a thing anymore.