Angelina Jolie Takes Kids to Farmer's Market & Shiloh Debuts New 'Do!


Just because Brad Pitt was nominated for an Oscar on Tuesday, doesn't mean their daily routine was any different!

Angelina Jolie was on mommy duty as she took her brood to the Sherman Oaks farmer's market on Monday afternoon. Looking particularly chic for errands, Angie was wearing a black skirt, black blouse and black coat.

The real talk of the outing with little Shiloh's new hair 'do!

The tomboy was seen sporting a new, short haircut as she strolled around with her mom and siblings as the photogs snapped away.

While Brad was recognized for his work in Moneyball by scoring an Academy Award nomination for best actor, some people are surprised that Angelina's directorial debut, In the Land of Blood and Honey, failed to received any noms.

For other Oscar snubs (and surprises!) check out the gallery below.

What do you think of Shiloh's new haircut? Sound off in the comments!


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  • Sami

    ugliest poster jealous of the world's most beautiful woman and her gorgeous children. Ugliest poster, and ugliest soul.

  • Sami

    Plenty of girls have short hair! In what universe does having short hair equal a boy? For goodness sake, grow up. And angelina did not split up Brad and Aniston. Aniston caused her marriage break up herself, and she also split up Heidi Bivens and Justin Theroux when she STOLE Heidi's man! Aniston is a homewrecking slut. Brad and Aniston were a mismatched couple from the start and they had no chemistry, were not cute together and had no business being together. Brad is better off now because Aniston only cares about herself and Brad deserved better which is why he is with a REAL woman, and he and Angelina are the TRUE golden couple.

  • Just_Saying

    All of you talking smack about Shiloh, you are stupid. Just because you don't like the mother you diss the child. I had short hair all of my young childhood, I was a tomboy. Now I am married (to a man) and have children. Short hair doesn't make a child gay, you stupid gits.

  • AlaBella

    That's just hair, it will grow. Besides, Shiloh is said to be a tomboy, so it's kind of normal that she'd want short hair.

  • Kate

    Angelina looks like she's expecting...or maybe she ate.

  • Robin B.
    Robin B.

    The good thing is, when Shiloh gets a sex change in 18 years, she/he won't have to do a name change too!

  • me-o

    ...and you're fat. ta da!

  • Misty Star
    Misty Star

    Isn't Shiloh a girl??? because she sure looks like a boy what the hell why would you do that?? I don't like angalina and never have since she split up brad and jen. Jinnfer Aniston is soooo much better too bad her and brad could not get back together they were soo cute!!

  • Kenza