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Revenge star and Jennifer Garner's former mini-me from 13 Going on 30, Christa B. Allen, is gearing up to answer all your questions in our next Celebuzz Mailbag series!

Christa is having a great year with the continuing success from her breakout TV show, ABC's Revenge. Christa's character Charlotte has had quite the ride so far and Celebuzz wants to extend the chance to ask this rising star anything you wish!

Have a pressing question for Christa about anything? Celebuzz is the only place where you can submit it and get her to answer it personally on a video.

How does our mailbag series work?

Leave your question in the comments below as soon as possible, and we’ll relay them to Christa. Then make sure you “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook so you know when we run the video with all of her answers!

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  • Scarjo88

    Do you have any pets?

  • Scarjo88

    When did you first know that you wanted to become an actress? What inspired you to start?

  • Scarjo88

    I heard you were home schooled, I am too! what do you think are the benefits and the downside?

  • mimi

    do you have a dream role? what do you think about all the hunger games hype? what's jennifer garner like?!! you really do look like a young version of her? who was your fave actor to work with so far? congrats on everything!!!

  • cooperpooper

    if you could star in the remake of any movie, what would it be? who else would star in it with you?

  • diana

    who is your fave fashion designer? do you have a hollywood crush? what's the biggest turn off that a guy can do/have?

  • Nick

    I have a question for Christa. Would you like to join my Revenge fan club on Facebook? That sure would be awesome. We have alot of good chatter about the show and what's coming next. If the answer is yes, that would be so amazing. It's facebook.com/Revengefan13. Thank you!

  • sam3

    What is your favorite music artist?