Miley Cyrus Posts Kid Pic: ‘I Looked Like a Chucky Doll!’

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Miley Cyrus is showing she can laugh at herself. Proof in point, the pic she posted of herself as a little girl. The actress made the photo her Twitter profile pic and tweeted: 

“How creepy is my new profile picture! As a baby I looked like a Chucky (sic) doll!”

We disagree Miley, you look adorable! She also joked with her mom via Twitter, writing: 

“@tishcyrus why when i was a baby you didn’t you put me on a diet?!?! Look at my chubby arm! How does one even have a wrist roll!”

Miley has come a long way since this kid pic. Check out the 19-year-old’s cover of Bob Dylan’s “You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go.”

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