‘New Girl’ Hunk Jake Johnson: We Want Emma Stone to Guest Star!

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New Girl star Jake Johnson wants Emma Stone?

Calm down, not in that way (he’s happily married, we are aware) but the star of Fox’s hit show would love for Emma to guest star and play his love interest! At least before he and Zooey Deschanel ultimately get together…here is your New Girl scoop:

“There is definitely some sexual tension,” Jake laughed when asked if his character would get together with Zooey. “But she’s seeing Dermot Mulroney’s character now, and I’ll be with Lizzy Caplan for a bit.”

As for whether he thinks they will ultimately get together?

“We’ll see, but I think the writers are going to drag it out for a while!”

Playing devil’s advocate, we asked who Jake would like to guest star on the show, possibly as a love interest and we told him to think big:

“Emma Stone would be fantastic! I like Emma,” he told us. “She would be amazing!”

New Girl dish aside, Jake Johnson also stars in the remake of 21 Jump Street:

“I play the principle, and Channing [Tatum] and Jonah [Hill] were so funny. I think this is going to be a big, big funny movie. Those guys were improvising a lot — it was hysterical. The movie is going to be crazy.”

Although he didn’t witness Johnny Depp film a cameo for the movie, he said it will be pretty epic.

“I heard Johnny Depp killed it,” Jake said when pressed for information. “All I can say is you won’t recognize him at first!”

Catch New Girl on Fox tonight!

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