Armie Hammer Arrested For Pot Possession in Texas

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Don’t mess with Texas! The Social Network star Armie Hammer was reportedly arrested for possession of marijuana in the Lone Star state, according to

The arrest was made back on Nov. 30, 2011 in Sierra Blanca, Texas. Armie, 25, spent one day in jail before being released on bail for $1,000. According to TMZ, this is the same town that both Willie Nelson and Snoop Dogg have been arrested for pot possession. 

The website also adds that the arrest occurred at border patrol thanks to some drug sniffing canines.  Police allegedly found three medicinal pot cookies and one brownie in the J. Edgar actor’s possession.

In the state of California where Armie resides, laws against marijuana are much more lenient, with residents being able to obtain prescription pot if they’re approved for a card after a health examination. The prescriptions can include pot in the form edibles such as brownies and cookies. 

What do you think of Armie’s arrest? Will this tarnish his boy-next-door persona? 

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