Celebrating ‘Smash’ and Some of Hollywood’s Biggest Auditions (VIDEOS)

Kat McPhee at Globes
Katharine stuns at the Golden Globes.
On February 6, Smash will bring you the story of Broadway dreams and all of the hard work, struggles and hurdles that come with making it to the big time. Katharine McPhee will be playing the lead in the NBC show, and she knows a thing or two about auditions — just like most other actors who are now A-listers in the entertainment world.

Want to see some of the most memorable auditions in recent memory? Check out these below!

There may not be an audition more captivating (and viral) than that of Susan Boyle on Britain’s Got Talent. The audition alone made her a worldwide star — something nobody else can really claim.


Speaking of Idol, Kelly Clarkson was the first of them all. And while she’s had hits aplenty since then, check her out during her first audition in front of Simon, Paula and Randy:

Look at the hair on Carrie Underwood! She’s barely recognizable from the country beauty she’s evolved into since winning Idol.

How many girls would have died to be Rachel McAdams in The Notebook? Well, here’s the audition that won her the role.

OK, this one’s out there, but even with his comedic chops, Steve Carrell had to win his way onto the improv-heavy set of Anchorman:

Before Demi Lovato was a teen star, she had to audition just like everyone else. Here’s her Disney casting tape:

Even Scarlett Johansson — yes, the bombshell beauty — worked the audition world during her childhood days. Here she is trying out for the smash hit Jumanji:

Whether you liked the ending of Lost or not, there’s no doubt that Evangeline Lilly was a great casting choice as Kate.