Celebrity Mailbag: Cody Simpson Talks Kylie Jenner Rumors and 'Hunger Games' (VIDEO)

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Australian pop star Cody Simpson is making waves in the US, to the delight of teen girls everywhere! In our Celebrity Mailbag series, Celebuzz let's YOU ask the questions -- and you did. Now, Cody answers in this exclusive video! 

One burning question fans wanted to know most: Is he really dating Kylie Jenner or is that just a romance rumor? Plus, we've also got a sweet giveaway! But first, back to those Kylie dating rumors ...

"Kylie and I are just good friends," Cody says. "It's hard to find great friends over here that really understand my situation. Kylie's definitely one of those people." 

He notes that anytime he's seen with a girl, everybody assumes they're dating! 

Watch the video to see more with Cody -- including whether or not he'd shave his head for charity!

And as for that giveaway, we've got two autographed Cody Simpson dolls up for grabs! How do you get them? Just "Like" Celebuzz on Facebook and then drop a comment below letting us know where you'd keep your very own Cody doll. Creativity counts -- and keep it classy.

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  • shelbyncody143

    and also have lights around them so i can show everyone that the most prized and pricless possesion in the house is the signed dolls! they would be like a showcase!

  • shelbyncody143

    ^^^^alsoI would keep the dolls on my high shelf above my head so no one could touch them! I would enclose them also and dust them off so they dont get dirt on them everyday! They would be my prized posessions!!

  • shelbyncody143

    If I won the Cody Simpson signed dolls it would be a dream come true! i love Cody sooo much! He s my everything and my whole LIFE! Everything i do at school, make, or anything it involvers Cody in some way or another! I follow him on twitter and suscribe to him on youtube and like him on Facebook! I also added him to Circles on google! I cry over him everyday because i love him so much and i would do anything to be with him the rest of my life! If he sarenaded me and one of his concerrts i would FAINT! I have been a fan since the beginning too! All the people at school are bullies to me and make fun of me and push me around for being unique and loving Cody so much! They say im obessed and i get hated on for that! I am dedicated to him 143% and thats no joke!! I where my Defeat The Label jacket almost everyday to show people that you need to to stand up to bullies and be a better person than them and Cody has taught me that! Thank you for this once in a lifetime oportunity and if i dont win congradulations to the winner! :)

  • Ana (Latin Angel)
    Ana (Latin Angel)

    You can go out and have the friends you want. Why not abandon you. We love Jack. I hope in Latin America. "Welcome To Paradaise Tour" will be amazing ♥ Love so much

  • Scarlett Antara Colil
    Scarlett Antara Colil

    If I won the Cody Simpson dolls <3, would like kings! In a huge house that I would with my own hands, which has a plasma inside and pieces with the games that he likes and personal study in their study will have all necessary instruments and a double bicycle to take a walk with me if you want to be distracted after recording in his studio. on the walls have several pictures of him with his favorite singers, in his piece would have a bed with silk sheets and a surfboard as he likes surfing. I prepare her food, as would a course of Italian food as he likes him. The house would have it in a locked glass shelf, to protect my little brother. The rack would have it in front of my bed so when I wake up first thing you see is him. PS: Thanks for giving me the opportunity to participate and meet one of my dreams. : D

  • Scarlett Antara Colil
    Scarlett Antara Colil

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  • Taylor Nichols
    Taylor Nichols

    If i won i would keep it clean on a shelve and i'd let no one touch it.

  • Elle

    I hope soon they really start dating! They would be such a beautiful couple!! An amaizing adition to the K-Klan!! Love U all Kardashian Dolls!!

  • adriana parra
    adriana parra

    if won one of the signed cody dolls i would not let anyone thouch or even get close to it i would keep it on my shelf and take really good care of it

  • Rosario

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  • Abby Dumas
    Abby Dumas

    If i won the two awesome Cody Simpson dolls i would keep them both on my Cody Simpson blanket so they would stay comfortable and i would take them everywhere with me! . . maybe even to college! (;