Celebrity Mailbag: Cody Simpson Talks Kylie Jenner Rumors and ‘Hunger Games’ (VIDEO)

Australian pop star Cody Simpson is making waves in the US, to the delight of teen girls everywhere! In our Celebrity Mailbag series, Celebuzz let’s YOU ask the questions — and you did. Now, Cody answers in this exclusive video! 

One burning question fans wanted to know most: Is he really dating Kylie Jenner or is that just a romance rumor? Plus, we’ve also got a sweet giveaway! But first, back to those Kylie dating rumors …

“Kylie and I are just good friends,” Cody says. “It’s hard to find great friends over here that really understand my situation. Kylie’s definitely one of those people.” 

He notes that anytime he’s seen with a girl, everybody assumes they’re dating! 

Watch the video to see more with Cody — including whether or not he’d shave his head for charity!

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