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Nickelodeon star of True Jackson VP, Buckett and Skinner's Epic Adventures, Ashley Argota has agreed to answer some questions for our beloved Celebuzz readers!

This young Nick star been keeping busy, attending New York University and also acting on the side. Joining fellow Nick star Victoria Justice's recent celebrity mailbag series, our readers now have a chance to ask Ashley anything they'd like to know about being a rising Nickelodeon star!

Simply leave the question in the comments below, and we’ll relay them to Ashley. Make sure you “Like” Celebuzz on Facebook so you know when we run the video with all of Ashley answers.

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  • Annisa Jasmine Siregar
    Annisa Jasmine Siregar

    what's your favorite midnight snack?

  • maya

    You can something about the new episods of your TV show ?

  • Adam

    Are you ticklish? Where? :)

  • soso gold
    soso gold

    are you dating dillon lane?

  • Scarjo88

    What kind of TV/movies would you like to be a part of in the future?

  • Scarjo88

    Who is your favorite music artist at the moment? of all time?

  • Scarjo88

    How hard is it to juggle work and school?

  • mimi

    do you have a boyfriend? if you could date anyone who would it be :) ??? ok and one more, what is the story of your butterfly necklace? i heard you love butterflies. where does that come from? I love them too!!!

  • diana

    what was it like to work with keke palmer? are you guys friends? what do you think is the best way to deal with bullying if it happens in your school? who's your role model?

  • cooperpooper

    who's your biggest inspiration?

  • cooperpooper

    what advice would you give other young actresses that would help them "make it"?

  • cooperpooper

    what was your fave tv show growing up?