Demi Moore Hospitalized: The Latest Reports on Her Condition

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The Hollywood world is still processing the news of Demi Moore’s sudden hospitalization (and checking into a treatmen center), and as the hours pass, more information and reporting as to what exactly happened to Demi is coming through.

So what transpired that caused such a sudden medical emergency for Demi? Here’s everything we know right now:

People is reporting that in the days leading up to her hospitalization, Demi had spent what they call a “wild night out” with her 23-year-old daughter Rumer Willis. According to the report, Demi “started loosening up and getting into party mode … She seemed really happy to be out with her daughter’s friends.” Later, they claim she started cozying up to 90210 actor Ryan Rottman, and “found ways to touch him all night, and at one point when he was in front of her, she was grinding on his butt … his shirt came unbuttoned, and she started tickling his bare chest playfully.” reported that Demi was at home when a friend says she began “acting like she was suffering from a seizure” and “shaking.” RadarOnline followed up with a similar report, with a source saying that Demi “collapsed after having an epileptic seizure … She has not taken care of her health at all lately, and has lost a ton of weight.”

– Following the news of her emergency, it was announced that Demi has dropped out of the film Lovelace – a biopic about porn star Linda Lovelace in which Moore was supposed to have a cameo.

– Meanwhile, Moore’s ex Ashton Kutcher — who was caught up in a cheating scandal that eventually led to the couple’s demise — has been in Brazil, and he posted a photo of himself faux-surfing in the street during a downpour. He has not yet commented on Demi’s current situation.

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