'Hunger Games' Scenes We're Dying to See: Rue in the Arena (VIDEO)

Welcome back to Celebuzz’s 100 Days of Hunger Games video countdown! It’s Wednesday so you know what that means…time to dissect a scene we’re dying to see from The Hunger Games!

Today’s guest Kate Spencer comes from VH1, and we break down why we're so excited to see Rue. From her training in the Capitol to her (spoiler alert!) death scene, Rue is sure to melt our hearts and even make us cry.

Join in our discussion in the comments or on Twitter, and tell us what scene you're dying to see on the big screen.

Check out the video above -- and a special thank you to Elontirien for the Katniss and Rue drawing and MainstayPro for the video interpretation of Rue's death!

Also if you missed last week’s SWDTS check it out below:

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  • Lol

    Everyone makes mistakes, chill. The world isn't going to end.

  • Allison

    They mention District One as the killing machine and she shudders and says "Cato." Cato was from district 2...

  • Allie

    I really want to see if her death scene isn't cheated of anything. I think it needs all of the graphics or it's just not going to give the full effect. And how the flowers are put around her <3

  • Zach Washington
    Zach Washington

    Just got done watching the full HUNGER GAMES movie. It was so good. Watch it free online here: www watchhungergames com (Add the . . . . . . .'s in the link!!!) IT WAS SUCH A GOOD MOVIE! I give it an 11/10 THUMBS THIS UP SO OTHERS CAN SEE!

  • Angie

    I think safe and sound will really go perfectly with Rue's death scene like everyone else. But. I actually in a way kinda hope that the song will be used in the cave scenes with Peeta<3....