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Citing "exhaustion" a rep for Demi Moore confirms that she's seeking treatment after being hospitalized, with many wondering what caused the breakdown. 

"Divorce is a trauma situation," relationship expert Dr. Michelle Golland tells Celebuzz exclusively. "It can be a breaking point."

Unconfirmed reports claim that Demi is being treated for substance abuse. "Not eating, not sleeping, possibly going back to any old habits that are unhealthy -- whether that's smoking or drinking or anything that we do ... to avoid feelings. It is one of the points where people relapse if they're going to," Dr. Golland says.

She notes that she's not treating Demi and she has no knowledge of any addiction issues. 

"Anyone in Demi's shoes would naturally be experiencing anxiousness as well as depression, which would be normal at a time of trauma," Dr. Golland adds. "I think what needs to be the takeaway is ... really dealing with one's emotional life. We don't really do that effectively enough in our culture without seeking support -- expert support." 

She advises getting therapy, talking to a professional and going to church to seek emotional and spiritual support. "We don't all have the luxury [of a treatment center]. I wish, with two kids and a husband and working, that when I'm exhausted that I could go away. To me, that's being able to lock myself in a bathroom for two hours. Since we can't all remove ourselves from our lives, but we do have the ability to seek therapy, go to our religious community, get outside help, support and advice."

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  • Doug Glass
    Doug Glass

    Oh bull. The only breaking point is she's 49 years old and a much younger man wanted someone younger than she. That reality was a shot to her codependent self-centered ego.

  • M&Ms

    Why she doesn't accept age ..we all will get old

  • julie

    Reports are she had a seizure. Possibly ODed. In that case, to judge by he thinness, cocaine. She's gonna need a lot of help.