Addiction Expert on Demi Moore: 'It Would Make Sense She Would Turn to This Behavior'

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With Demi Moore in treatment, reports of her ailment range from alleged substance abuse to anorexia to wild partying and drinking. Although unconfirmed, fans are curious to know what could have led to her requiring hospitalization and checking herself into a treatment facility. 

Celebuzz turned to Dr. Morteza Khaleghi, co-founder of Creative Care Malibu for insights into Demi's condition.

"It sounds like she is very emotional and [may have been] self medicating," Dr. Khaleghi says of the reports. Although he has not treated Demi, he has seen many patients go through the stress of major life trauma such as a divorce. As well all know, Demi announced her split from husband Ashton Kutcher late last year. "When your stress level goes up, you're coping mechanisms go down. It would make sense she would turn to this behavior," he adds. 

His advice would be a professional assessment before a treatment option can be prescribed. 

"To asses her we would want to look at any history of abuse in her family, look at levels of depression and anxiety," he says. "Patients can sometimes either overeggaerate or underexaggerate their struggles, so assesment is crucial."

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