Would You Watch a Spin-Off of ‘The Office’ Worker Dwight Schrute? (POLL)

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First Michael Scott, now Dwight Schrute?!

After Steve Carell exited The Office this past season, it appears as though Rainn Wilson will be following suit, because Deadline is reporting that NBC is developing a spinoff for the hit comedy. (Although, the series would not premiere until midseason 2013.) On the series, about a dysfunctional paper company, Rainn plays an eccentric salesman, who has a love for all things beets and Battlestar Galactica.

Dwight also has a tendency to fly off the handlebars when his co-worker Jim (John Krasinski) plays pranks on him — which is all the time. With news of Rainn’s possible spin-off, we thought we’d compile some of Dwight’s best moments.

After a bat was found in the vents of Dunder Mifflin, Dwight took it upon himself to exterminate the creature, but inadvertently trapped Meredith in a garbage bag — with the bat! And natch, hilarity ensues.

Dwight’s co-worker Jim left the Scranton office, and this is how he reacts.

And of course, the infamous “Jim impersonating Dwight” scene.

And lest we forget Dwight impersonating Jim.

When Dwight thought he was going to be the new manager of Dunder Miffilin, he chose his ideal #2 — Jack Bauer.

Dwight plays virtual game “Second Life” where everything is exactly the same.

These are just a few of our fave Dwight moments — share yours in the comments!

Also, let us know if YOU would watch the Dwight spinoff by casting your vote in the poll!

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