Celebrity Couples Who’ve Donned Matching Tattoos (PHOTOS)

Like Eva Longoria and her ex Tony Parker, many of Hollywood’s most buzzed about couples all have one trend in common — matching tattoos. some celebs who have chosen to ink themselves in the name of love only to later realize the tat lasted longer than the relationship! 

While Eva is reportedly having hers removed, others like Johnny Depp have tattooed over their symbol of love — while other couples like Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey continue to proudly display their commitment. 

Check out our gallery to see which celebs took to their nearest tattoo parlor for a significant other!

While inking the name of one’s beau may seem harmless, tats are more than just a hot fashion fad like metallic dresses. Even so, we doubt we’ve seen the end of this romantic trend. Hey, celebs have the right to make potentially bad decisions too! 

Celebuzz tip: When it comes to matching your partner, the safe bet is coordinating outfits. 

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