Demi Moore Released From Hospital as Ashton Scrambles Home

Demi Moore
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After nearly four days in a California hospital following an emergency reportedly fueled by partying and "whip-its," 49-year-old actress Demi Moore was reportedly released on Thursday evening.

The actress, who was rushed to the hospital after reportedly suffering from seizure-like symptoms after a party at her home, was said to be out of the Sherman Oaks hospital that she had been recovering at since Monday night, according to EOnline. It had been reported that Moore may have gone into a seizure after doing what's known as "whip-its," where nitrous oxide is inhaled to cause a quick high.

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Ashton Kutcher has also had the focus turned on him.


Kutcher, who was caught up in an infidelity scandal that eventually led to the breakup with Moore in November of 2011, has been in Brazil for the past week shooting a campaign for Brazilian fashion brand Colcci, and on Thursday night was spotted back in California and heading towards the hospital where Demi was staying. He has stayed mum since the news of her hospitalization.

On the day of her hospitalization, photos of Kutcher enjoying himself and partying in Brazil emerged.

In the fall, rumors of Ashton's infidelity began spreading across the tabloids, and while it seemed as though it might blow over at some point, it was the vivid storytelling of Sara Leal, who claims she and Kutcher spent a wild night together in Las Vegas, that ultimately was the final blow.

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  • peopleareidiots

    Oh, so you know Ashton do you? You guys chat, that's how you know what his plans are. Douche

  • simplydiffer

    Ashton is not scrambling home. He plans were to return today. There were signs something was wrong with her during all those reports of him cheating. I can't say I'm surprised by her ending up in a hospital (and probably soon a rehab judging by how celebs do things). I am surprised that she ended up in a hospital from a whip-it. That's a typically young people's drug. Not saying older people don't do ever do it, but it's most common on younger drug users.

  • Anon

    You have SERIOUSLY got to be joking, right? Getting put in the hospital for seizure-like symptoms because she inhaled nitrous oxide and because I doubt her diet is providing her with sufficient amounts of proper vitamins that counteract the gas is not an attention-seeking strategy, you moron.

  • julie

    Whatever it was, seems to have achieved the attention she was looking for. Old scheme, still working.

  • aditi121


  • kit

    whip-its = nitrous oxide = what they give you at the dentist from a tank = also in cartridges (& cans) used to make whipped cream, hence the nickname. NOT carbon dioxide.