Don't Miss Nickelodeon's New Show 'How to Rock' Premiering February 4! (PHOTOS)

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Are you ready to rock? We sure hope so, because Nickelodeon's newest show How to Rock, starring Cymphonique Miller, is about to bring the house down!

The show, about a talented teen named Kacey Simon (Cymphonnique) who goes from mean girl to social outcast after getting a make “under,” will feature plenty of catchy tunes. The first of which is the rocking “Only You Can Be You!” (Which also doubles as the theme song).

After getting rejected by her regular clique, she joins a band called Gravity 5, and they make some seriously rocking music together!

Check out some photos from the show, and be sure to tune in when it premieres on Nick Saturday February 4 at 8:30 PM!

Also, watch a preview for the show below!



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  • Naomi

    I know this kid. He went to my high school. I'm so proud of him.

  • Hanna

    What evs

  • Sadie

    Hanna if u want 2 have a conversation do it on my facebook k?

  • Hanna

    Exactly Sadie. BTW finish the project yet???

  • Sadie

    Don't Care. Why did I come here again?


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